Monday, November 19, 2007

When Your Swing Gets Swung

She swung with the best of them. Literally. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know what I mean. A little Lindy this way. A little West Coast that way. She would wear her red dress, you know the one, sleek, yet with a skirt, that twirled when she spun, showing off her...legs (what did you think I would say?). You would see her in the dance clubs, not the night clubs, but the dance clubs where people go to dance, to really dance. And there she would be, slipping out of her heels and lacing on her dance shoes. Before you could look, she would be flung under and over a gaggle of want-to-be partners. I have never been so jealous of someone else in my entire life. I am all legs and left feet.

But then the night came when her fling got flung and across the floor she skittered, helplessly unable to avoid a collision with a bar stool. Sadly the bar stool won. And no I was not happy. I felt worse for even being jealous. But we were young.

And so it was, years later, when she discovered that I had become a hypnotist. She knew I had worked with some athletes with pain management. Her dance injury that night so long ago definitely qualified as a sports injury, because dance was more than just a past time it was a competition of endurance for her. Not one to give it up, she has continued, but fought miserable pain in her shoulder from the torn rotator cuff.

I asked her what she had previously tried to help alleviate her pain. Not being a pill popper, she had gone the route of ointments and gel pain relievers. She liked the feel of these.

So, I came up with an idea for her session using something like Freeze It Gel. Basically, she put it on her shoulder for the session, and I used if for deepening sensations caused by the product to increase her sense of healing. She did this through the imagery of the healing light moving deep within. I also used it as a post-hypnotic suggestion, that when ever she applied the product, she would receive the same deep feeling each time, but it would also remind her to take care of her shoulder and use it as a body message to be more careful. (Just so you know this was done in conduction and guidance with her physical therapist and doctors).

Now she can apply Freeze It before she dances and maybe it will allow her more time to enjoy the dance. She can just roll it on over her shoulder and be good to go, and then before going to bed, she can use the gel. She said she like the sensation, sort of a cool feeling that took her mind off the ache when doing the session. Now, if I only I can win her a year supply, she would be good to go.

I believe hypnosis is not necessary for the product to work for other's though. The ingredients are all natural like Aloe, Vitamin E, an extract from the South American holly shrub, menthol (there is that tingly sensation), and camphor. And the combination in Freeze It is good for decreasing:

  • Aches and Pains after exercise (put it on before you exercise)
  • Arthritic pains
  • Sleep issues related to pain (put it on before going to bed to help sooth the pain)

By the way, she gave me permission to show her famous shoulders off in the photo above.

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