Saturday, November 10, 2007

Inking Out

While I am watching old movies on this fine Saturday, I am also trying to print out a newsletter for my weight loss hypnosis group. Normally I would send a newsletter to a printer, but I am doing less then ten copies. However, one page is full color (pictures from Halloween) and the other three are black and white. So, when this is done, I need to look at buying new ink cartridges. I use an Epsen Stylus CX5000, which means that several cartridges are needed.

So this time, I got industrious and found a few tips at for ink conservation. I guess it is not an urban legend that turning off and on your printer uses ink. Interesting. It also recommends that when printing in black and white (three of my pages), that one should set the print settings to just black and white. This is just part of their Seven Steps to Saving Ink.

This site also explains in plain English the differences in generic print cartridges, refilling ink cartridges and why one might or might not want to use these products. This information can be found in their article on Generic and Remanufactured Cartridges. I have my own biases, but it is good to be a bit more educated.

Along with this information, provides online sources for cheap inkjet cartridges and discount laser toner and coupons for these, up to 80% off retail prices. The company collects coupon codes for specific online sellers and makes them easily accessible.

So, another tool for finding the best deal for your printing needs.

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