Monday, November 19, 2007

A Monday Answer

What is it you are most thankful for in terms of hypnosis or alternative health modalities that has made a positive difference in your life?

It is a quiet morning and I have my trusty sidekick, Cup o' Tea, beside me, so I thought I would have a gander at my own question. Perhaps you will consider answering it as well?

Aside from the various times I have used hypnosis for my own issues, I would say that learning how to go to that quiet place where time is not existent and thoughts are mostly silent is the one thing I am most thankful for in the hypnosis realm. Until I was hypnotized and learned self-hypnosis, I really thought meditation and such was a pure lark. Why would anyone find it appealing? Now I get it. Whenever life seems a little too frantic or stress is looming large, I take a few minutes out, shut my eyes (set the intent to relax or state in prayer-like form what it is that is bothering me or that I need help with) and begin the process. When I am done, I find calmness and some peacefulness remain. It has allowed me to be a more compassionate person and to see reason in some of life's pain. Plus, I often feel rejuvenated or as though my stress has deflated like a balloon.

Now to move on and think of a poll question for today. Did only two of you actually participate in the health events of the year?

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