Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Romance as a Healing Modality

Just thinking about the idea of romance (from the dental post) makes me smile (now that I can since I had the tooth refilled. LOL). Yet, it seems to be a topic that does not always make for the warm and fuzzy. The topic is often one of utter frustration for many and a lot of times even the problems behind weight loss, smoking cessation and even nail biting all to boil down to a lack of romance or lost feelings. Sometimes I think romance can be a lot like Crack (from what I have been told about Crack). You are always looking for that original, powerful hit. You get involved in the beginning of a relationship and the passion and romance is intense and amazing, then it wanes, and the tricky relationship time flows before you in a river of either monotony or free form. Unlike Crack, though, I believe it can be recaptured.

So, The Capitol of Romance has it right on the web site about How romance powers great relationships. This site offers interesting tips and information on how to maintain romance and passion in a relationship. The theory is that if one maintains the romance, the relationship can be long-lasting wonderful. It is a conglomeration of articles and information all pertaining to this elusive art of the relationship with the idea of healing through romance. Brilliant! How easy it is to be lulled into an ordinary life when there is a part of each of us that craves more. We want that alive feeling, the empowerment of it, the specialness. And it is never really lost, but obscured by other factors.

It is an interesting idea and an incredibly valid one. This is where regression hypnosis could really shine, helping people revivify or re-experience those original feelings. A reminder of sorts, perhaps?

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