Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Poison Apple Suggestion

In blogging about serious subjects, ahem, like hypnosis, every now and then, a break is needed. I dread monotony like I dread the cold descending upon the body that has been warmed in the blankets of sleep.

This past weekend, I saw the movie Enchanted (which I loved by the way) and then last night in perusing the tele, there was some horror movie themed around Snow White. So, three is a charm. There is a new book by Harald Walter Azmann called The True Snow White - Limited Premiere Edition. So there she is, ever popping into my life this week. Am I feeling the ungraceful elements of aging or the a blossoming experience of adulthood, which Azmann's book delves into?

But one thought about that story has continued to nag at me today. It is the whole poisoned apple thing. Is this not perhaps another form of hypnosis - such as chemical hypnosis? I should add that to the list. One could look at the poisoned apple as literal poison with an antidote (or anti-venom) that is caused by the components of a simple kiss. Or is it something more akin to hypnosis - the suggestion that only a true love's kiss can awaken the princess from her trance or that without she would die if it was not administered at a particular time (I suspect Sleeping Beauty's fate is a more apt reference, but since Snow White is the one nagging at me, I feel inclined to discuss her). One might say it is not so much suggestion because how did Snow White know the parameters of the poison? Here we could go even farther and say it was Universal Consciousness. LOL.

Actually now that I think about it, fairy tales are a great subject for hypnosis and how it could be an element in so many. And really, when you come down to it, fairy tales are a form of Ericksonian hypnosis, hypnosis based around metaphors and such. We will definitely be talking about this more.

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