Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spock Says

The other day, when I wrote about the hypnotist Peter Powers, I found information on him all over the Web. There were press releases, articles, personal web sites, and other people's opinions about him. But the search was completely random and I had to go to several sources. Then I found him on another site - www.spock.com.

Spock is a new concept in people or information finding on the Internet. Though it is not social networking, it has elements of it in that one can add to the information and vote on whether the keywords or tags are important. Basically it combines various sources about a particular person, such as biographical pages on other social networks, news releases, and web sites, thus adding several areas of information into one location. It is a little scary though since people can express their onions through voting. If someone has a vendetta against another, it could be annoying, though it does not look like one could corrupt the actual information itself. Again another potential psychology project to see what information people do consider important.

Here is Peter's page:

This inspired me to look up "hypnosis" in general and I found many people on the site. It is a wonderful overview of all the people who practice hypnosis or are just interested in it. Literally, there is everyone from the founding fathers to vampire-like entertainers. There are the likes of Richard Bandler, Milton H. Erickson, Ormond McGill, Dave Elman, and me, Ellie Blunt. (I could not resist). I even looked up some of you, Michael, Paul, Kathryn, Lisa, Gloria and Lee. The only one I found there is Lee Darrow. Well, I am there now. How about you? It is free and it is another way to get yourself known to the public (by the way, Paul when are you going to start the blog, you have the site up...). Anyway, once you put yourself in there, we can all link together as friends, associates, or whatever under the "related" section. So, yes, if you do join, please consider listing me as a friend (makes me feel wanted and all. LOL).

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