Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Codes of Ethics

Many thanks to Jim who posted a comment about some factors involved with getting a degree in psychology. Very thought provoking, actually. He brought up a point that as lay hypnotherapists we do not have to agree to codes of ethics as that of the APA. Good point. However for those of us who are certified, there is often a code of ethics that we are encouraged to follow. I realize this is not handy for everyone, but I think following a trusted organization’s code is the only way to go. It does bring credibility to both hypnotist and the organization. I personally go with (yes, I hear the chorus now) NGH’s, as well as providing each client with a bill of rights.

And I am not sure one can get malpractice insurance without belonging to some such organization, but I cannot swear to this. Do any of you know?

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