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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Transparent Hypnotist

BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS!!! The Transparent Hypnotist is moving! I was going to wait until next month to celebrate the one year anniversary of this blog, but this just feels like the time is now.

Yes, we are now going to be in our own domain! No longer will I be living on the kindness of strangers at the big blue G (they have been getting grumpy - I may have over-stayed my welcome).

So go on, go check it out. If you are already a subscriber and read this through a reader, subscribing to the feed:, it should be a seamless transition. You will not need to do anything.

If you subscribe to this blog through an address such as, please change your feed to It will follow me no matter where I go (and sometimes I do get a little restless).

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

X!#0!!!# Internet

I have recently had some Internet problems. My high-speed connection crawls, sometimes it goes down completely, or maybe it decides it has had enough of the transparent hypnotist. Rather than providing an advertising op for the company in question, I shant mention their name.

Like a rational person, I am surveying the playing field and looking at the competition. Oh how it flirts! In the fine art of seduction, the smooth velvety voice of temptation offers faster, faster, and so fast the page loads during my blink. And then, the sweet rustlings of interest begin - an auction for lifetime high-speed Internet. Now it does beg the question what is "life-time?" But, like most first blushes, these questions are pushed away with promises of winning a Nintendo® Wii™. Mmm. Golf at the office. Ellie's 18, perhaps?

Yes, I admit it; I am human (as we saw in today’s earlier post). I would love a Wii, but with everything else, I am not sure I could justify purchasing it. One could make an argument that after working with clients on sports motivation and concentration; they could use the game before the hypnosis session and after to see potential change? In theory, it is a cool idea, but I am not really sure how the Wii translates into reality.

Wondering how I went from the Internet to the Wii? Did I mention that Charter High-Speed® Internet is sponsoring this contest to win the Wii and also the auction for lifetime Internet.

Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

What Not To Say When Someone Wants Smoking Cessation

One of the hardest things to do when maintaining a transparent blog is to admit mistakes. Sometimes it would be much easier to not mention them and let them go unannounced (with the false ego-based assumption that I remotely appear infallible -lol). However, mistakes are a necessary part of life and are not really that negative in some realms. Rather they are opportunities for learning. Learn I did and maybe my experience will stop this from happening to someone else, maybe even you.

I totally missed the boat with a potential smoking cessation client this week. Often I get calls from people who seek my services for smoking cessation. Many do not make appointments directly, instead they tell me they are going on holiday the following week, giving a dissertation, or going to court and they chose to make the appointment following whatever event. So this time, I was asked if it would be better if they waited until after after the stressful event next week. Rather than creating a positive suggestion and saying "no, you will be tobacco free by next week," I said "Let's do it the week after." (And I am booked this week, which I neglected to say as well). So, they promptly told me they would call me back later the schedule the appointment - which they have not.

I am not beating myself up over this, but in hind sight, I think they were looking for reassurance and I did not give them anything to boost their confidence and I may have made them lose some belief about hypnosis that may have been important to their success. Lesson learned.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Woogie Treatments

As I sit drinking coffee first thing this morning, I am trying to decide where to go with this post. There was a story out on Monday (yes, another one) that has been itching at me. It was another negative slap to hypnosis, so I though I would just ignore it, but it will not let me. So, sadly, I must pass it along.

I am not sure what happened on Monday that caused the press to suddenly feel the need to write disparagingly about hypnosis. Maybe it was that there was a certain time that certain people did things to get caught fanning the fires.

And so, for you Tampa, Florida hypnotists, you carry the burden of another soul's double dealing. From what I hear, Florida has several laws about who can and cannot practice hypnosis. That is tough enough. Then there is counseling. Very often as hypnotists we find clients who want us to fill this role as well. For those who are licensed counselors or psychologist, this is a moot point. But for those of us who do not have the background and proper paperwork, it is a bit illegal for us to provide such services. I have known several hypnotists who become ordained ministers to get past these licensing issues (I speak from no-experience in this realm).

On Monday, Tampa Bay Online reported a story about a man who was on the board of directors at a Unity church (it does not say he was ordained) who was arrested because "he passed himself off as a mental health counselor to treat members of the church, even though he was not licensed to do so." This carries a one year sentence. Well, that is a no no, but why am I up in arms about this? Once again hypnosis is used in an odd way. I quote:

There were six victims in all, with their ages ranging from 18 to 40, and they were either former or current members of the church, Proffitt said. O'Toole often used hypnosis to treat them.

It is too bad he did not tell people he was a "coach." I doubt that would have changed the statement about hypnosis, though. But good grief, it mentions hypnosis like it is a woogie treatment (I could not think of another word and woogie wanted to come out). That is really unnecessary. I suspect he also used "talk-therapy." You do not read about that in such a way.

Well, just...just...YUCK!

Source: Tampa Bay Online

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy National Sleep Awareness Week

A day late, but no matter. Did you know that this week is National Sleep Awareness Week. I almost snoozed right through it. LOL. Are any of you participating or doing anything for it? If so, feel free to mention it in the comment section of this post. Needless to say, I am doing little more than blogging about it here, but at least that is something.

It is sort of odd, too. Normally I have clients around who see me for help with sleeping better, but currently my roster is free from those. I work a lot with sleep issues because inevitably some one will come to me with a different problem and after the first session they will call me back to work on the sleep stuff. It seems that the night directly after their session was one in which sleep did not evade them. In fact many say their best sleep nights are after a hypnosis session (and sessions not necessarily related to sleep issues).

Here's a great quote you can use in your material. It comes from the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office of Communication in a press release they sent out on February 28, 2008:

Nationwide, an estimated 50 to 70 million people suffer from chronic sleep loss and
sleep disorders. Sleep loss is associated with health problems, including obesity,
depression, and certain risk behaviors, including cigarette smoking, physical inactivity, and heavy drinking.

We often spout these types of facts, but now you have a source in which to attribute it.

So, anyway, happy National Sleep Awareness Week. The National Sleep Foundation, who sponsors the activities of this week, has a lot of interesting resources. They offer the Sleep Challenge (you can win one of those fancy beds) to see how much you know about sleep.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Cloud on Hypnosis

For a Monday, it is quite beautiful - warm and sunny. The week ahead seems well paced. And yet there is this ugly dark cloud above us. That is right - above US, not just me, but you and I. It is small, so it is probably nothing more than an irritation, but I am not one to enjoy an irritation, no matter how petite.

This cloud is in the form of words - hideous and reeking of misinformation. No, no one has fouled my name (as of today -LOL), but it fouls the good name of honest hypnotists. It comes in the form of a short article in the Lancashire Evening Post with the headline "Man used 'hypnosis' on girls." Granted, this does not say much, but it has a sinister bent (the juxtaposition of Man and girls) and sure enough, it is dark.

The basis story is this: a man played a game with a couple of little girls, "pretending" to catch them and hypnotize them, after which, he kissed and touched them. Perhaps you just breathed a sigh of relief (those more concerned with the good name of "hypnosis" - there is no sigh of relief for the perpetration of a heinous crime) and thought, "he was just pretending to 'hypnotize' the girls - he did not really use hypnosis." However, in my book, there is another crime that has been committed other than the one of sexual nature. It is a crime of ignorance and one that the media is promoting. Perhaps that is actually two crimes.

Here is the break down. The crime is in the misrepresentation of hypnosis. First,when the average joe reads the article, chances are, it will be skimmed or read lightly. Will he or she get that is was just a game and he did not hypnotize the girls? The other horrible side of it is how the idea of hypnosis was used in the game. It sounds as though he (the man) takes on the persona of an Ogre, catches the girls and hypnotizes them. The hypnosis is to...what? Is it to get the girls to do things against their will? Am I making a paranoid leap here? If it is indeed the idea of having someone do something against their will, well, let us take two steps back. Once again, the media's pull is strong when proliferating the myths of hypnotic arts. Yes, for all of you non-hypnosis-knowing people that maybe reading this, it is a myth that you will do things against your will when in hypnosis. This is at the heart of what is bothering me about this small little cloud of an article.

Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Adrenaline of Anticipation

Magic. There is magic in the form of the unknown - in packages to be opened, letters unread, and oyster shells. Call it a combination of potential and hope. It is in the adrenaline of anticipation.

This is a bit of free form posting here, but I have been working on potential guided imagery to enhance the idea of hope and the positive energy (I realize the potential of expectation can also happen but that is a problem to be worked around). Hope can really propel something forward. So, I am in search of a metaphor for things that "open," and hence I come back to the oyster shell idea. There is romance in the concept of finding an unopened oyster shell and opening it up to find a pearl (or at least the beginnings of a tasty treat), but what one is really opening up is an oyster shell of hope or anticipation. There is something to this, glimmering and almost ready to come forth.

And I know this is potentially an awkward sort of thing for some because oysters may signify a health risk. However, if one is educated, Gulf oysters and such, can be a positive experience. The Be Oyster Aware web site provides a lot of information about oysters, oyster processing, and addresses health concerns.

Now I realize not everyone who hears my guided visualization will have access to this web site, but it gives me a place to direct those who are concerned. And yes, I am concerned with those who might find oyster imagery stressful. The visualization would have an opposite affect upon these types of people. It is not fear I want to perpetuate but hope.

A Question of Accomplishment

Since we talked about fire walking earlier in the week and using self-hypnosis to get past the fear of taking the first steps, it seems like this Sunday is a good time to contemplate something related to this. No, it is not a simple question of "would you walk over hot coals," but think on a larger scale.

So here is the question:
What sort of task would you use hypnosis to help you accomplish that you might normally not be able to do otherwise?

Sure this is the basis for using hypnosis, what it all boils down too, but in applications such as fire walking or dealing with fear, it is particularly interesting.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Esoteric Imperius

Yes, yes, yes. Of course I have read Harry Potter, up to book four at this point. If you are scratching your head and wondering if you missed something about hypnosis in the text, you would be both right and wrong.

There is no hypnosis such as it is called. However, there is an unforgivable curse that rears its ugly head. It is called The Imperius Curse. It causes people to do things against there will, much like mind control. But, interestingly enough in the description of what it feels like to have this spell cast upon you, it sounds much like a hypnotic experience. Even how Harry begins to fight of the curse, bares the signature of one not ready for suggestion work.

Any thoughts?

By the way this is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I am not sure of the page, but it is chapter four.

Friday, February 29, 2008

No 10 Question Friday

Alas, it is a Friday without our 10 Questions. On the positive side, it means that it has been a busy week for hypnotists. I now extend this invitation out, if you would like to participate in our 10 Questions (you must be involved in hypnosis somehow) or know someone who would be a good candidate for it, please let me know and I will consider it. You can comment here or drop me an email. Even if you are a hobbyist, it still counts.

If you just check in on Friday's, check back next Friday when there will be another 10 Questions. Otherwise, you never know, there might be something more today...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Scent of Memory

Morning came again and I got naked. LOL. Actually, I just stepped out of the shower (needed to clear the lungs and there is nothing like the steam from a hot shower to do just that). And as I stood there, eyes closed, water beating down, and hands creating the beginning of a lather on the scalp, I took the first deep breath of the morning. Nan. Maybe that sounds odd, but the smell of lavender from the shampoo immediately brought forth the memory of my grandmother.

And suddenly, I was no longer a tired adult, but a little girl. As I revivified the moment, memories of cool nights on lavender scented sheets seemed real. Transporting time, I sat upon her bed, while she brushed my hair. When she finished I would sniff it (yes, I had long hair as a child) and breath in a subtle lavender scent, as she had scented the hairbrush with lavender water.

Of course, as the hot water ran out, I returned to the current moments and finished up. Now here I sit, rather contented and peaceful with that memory.

In hypnosis and NLP, revivified moments are often a part of what we do. How much stronger the past seems in our mind when in a hypnotic state. But, I have never given much credence to the idea of using scents to perhaps deepen a hypnotic state. I suppose ultimately this would be an adjunct with aromatherapy. Do any of you use it and if so, do the two go together well?

Any how - if you are curious about my hair experience, here's the run down:

Naked Naturals is an all natural shampoo. The one I used was Awapuhi (I have no idea what that is) and Lavender for color-treated hair. The shampoo does not lather up much beyond the scalp area, but so it seems the way of such products. The smell is subtle. The conditioner is nice and does leave hair feeling fairly soft. It boast a list of positive components such as there are no Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates, no DEA or TEA, no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances, and no harsh chemicals. All good things in my book. As I am a want-to-be vegetarian, I am particularly glad there are no animal by-products. It is all about being naked naturals.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fire Walking!

Today, I think I want to try fire walking. Anyone else?

Normally, it is quiet here when I sit down with my cup of tea (Assam) and begin the word flow. But today, my morning was filled with the chaotic (if not happy) sounds of Good Morning America. Did you watch it? Well, if not, maybe you should have.

Diane Sawyer and a team of six or seven took a dare to walk across hot coals using self-hypnosis. To do this, they prepped themselves by individually meeting with Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist at Stanford University. He used a 10 point scale to determine their hypnotize ability. Then as a group he worked with them, teaching them a form of NLP and self-hypnosis (I say NLP because that is what it looked like to me, they do not mention it on the show). After a group session, even the most cynical person said it affected them by making the day a little better. You cannot beat that!

And this morning, they actually walked across the hot coals (a few times actually). Diane Sawyer said she did not even feel the heat from the coals until the third step.

All in all, I think it was a great series about hypnosis.

So, if you are reading this - organizers of Hypnoticon - think about offering it at next year's convention. That would be a sure fire way to totally get Ellie Blunt to commit to joining in the fun. LOL.

Have any of you, my beloved readers, ever fire walked before? If so, what was it like?

And for those who missed this morning show, here are a few clips from the whole series:

GMA and Self-hypnosis
GMA and Fire Walking

ABC News

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Brief Hiatus

Good morning. The Irish Breakfast tea is barely cutting through the slime of waking up today. My condition (whatever that is) appears to have gotten worse than better from my weekend retreat. So, anyone who was jealous, I have gotten my just desserts. I am off to the doctor (which I was hoping to avoid with my insurance woes).

Hang tight, though. If I am back with the daylight hours, I shall try to post something with more substance.

Until then...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from Beyond

What a fantastic Sunday Question! Huge thanks to Michael Raugh for being the Transparent Hypnotist's first guest blogger! Hopefully we will see more of Michael here. And Debbie, thanks for answering the question. Anyone else, please feel free to answer it.

I am still getting my hypnotist head on for the week after recuperating in the mountains. It was quite relaxing and strange not being near a computer, no cell phone service, and no television (thought there was indoor plumbing and electricity). It takes one back to basics. So, I practiced a lot of healing self-hypnosis and guided meditation. When you come back from something like that, it is as though, on return to the everyday, everything is shiny and new.

I am contemplating this week's poll around Michael's question and should have that up and running much sooner than I did last week's.

Also, my apologies for no Esoteric Saturday. I sent the post through the time cave, but it is now adrift and alone in cyberspace, its exact location unknown.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sunday Question

Since returning from Hypnoticon earlier this month the subject of
evangelism has been often in my mind. No, not in the religious sense;
I'm thinking more about the ways that people extend themselves to
promote an idea about which they are passionate.

What does that have to do with hypnosis? Regular readers of this blog
may recall the poll from two weeks back, 'Would You Let a Stranger that
You Just Met Hypnotize You on the Street?' That poll (to which the
overall response was a heaping 'No' with a side of 'Maybe/It Depends')
grew out of discussion, some on the blog and some off, about the
walkabout trance experience at Hypnoticon. I didn't participate in that
exercise because I felt uncomfortable walking up to strangers and
saying, "Hey, I'm a hypnotist -- can I hypnotize you right now?" What I
wrote to Ellie was that the idea made me feel like a hypnotic Jehovah's
Witness, metaphorically speaking, which led to the juxtaposition of
hypnosis and evangelism.

In a way, walkabout hypnosis exercises are a method of evangelizing --
that is, publicly promoting and advocating -- hypnosis. But for those
of us who aren't bold or outgoing enough to accost strangers in the
street, aren't there other ways of achieving the same end? Some
hypnotists take to radio and TV talk shows to talk up the benefits of
hypnosis; others participate in events such as World Hypnotism Day; some
volunteer their services at hospices, hospitals, and other places where
need is high and resources often low. I give a presentation on hypnosis
to the Psychology class at my childrens' high school every semester.

So my Sunday Question for you is: what do you do to evangelize for
hypnosis in your community?


Friday, February 22, 2008

Introducing an Upcoming Guest Blogger

As I test out a system for having guest bloggers on this site on
occasion, I thought I would give you a heads up that this coming
Sunday, the Transparent Hypnotist will feature its first guest blogger
Michael Raugh. Michael has been an active participant with this blog since the beginning (both in comments and behind the scenes). He was also our first hypnotist to participate in the 10 Questions.

He will be either tackling the Sunday Question or whatever he deems to
write about. Please make sure to stop by and check out his post.

10 Questions with Josh Houghton

Location: Columbus, Georgia

Cyber Location:

1. Are you a full time hypnotist, part-time or hobbyist?

I'm currently working part time as a hypnotist, but I'm currently in the process of opening up my full time practice "Southern Hypnosis & Consulting" and working on putting together a few workshops on how to perform "Instant and Rapid inductions" and "Hypnosis for Beginners" I currently work in the field of Real Estate Investing and Property Management, but since I work for myself it allows me the time needed to see clients and build Southern Hypnosis & Consulting as a company.

2. Do you specialize in any type of hypnosis?

I work with a good majority of issues, but I specialize in Smoking Cessations, Fear Removal and Sports Enhancement. I really like these three fields because the results are seen almost instantly. This provides a sort of validation for the client and even myself.

3. Is there any type of hypnosis you do not do? Why?

I'm pretty much open to anything hypnosis related. Hypnosis is a huge part of my life and being 25 there is still a lot I want to learn. Currently I am keeping myself open to all the different possibilities, but you never know. Maybe sometime down the road I'll run across something in this profession that just doesn't rub me right.

4. Do you use self-hypnosis regularly in your life? If so, how?

I'm a huge believer in personal development and hypnosis is one of the fastest and most effective ways to effect change within ourselves. I actually starting using self-hypnosis around the age of 17 and it has really helped me become the person I am today. I typically like to do my self-hypnosis right after I wake up, but if I can't then I will usually do it right before bed.

5. Describe your hypnosis office or work setting.

I work out of a home office which is located in a nice quiet area of Columbus, Georgia, which is where I'm located. I wanted to keep my expenses low for the first few years until I really began to establish myself so I decided a home office would work best for my situation. I currently have one recliner which I use as my hypnosis chair, a smaller chair that I sit in to do the work, a computer desk with a large flat screen monitor where my clients watch my pre-talk video, two book cases filled with training material and books on hypnosis, management, personal improvement and many other topics and than a few calm and relaxing photos on the wall. I also hang my certifications, my client bill of rights and a disclaimer. Eventually as I pick up more clients I would eventually like to move into a actual office, but until that time comes my home office works fine for me.

6. Describe a typical day in your life.

I usually wake up around 9:30am and begin doing my self-hypnosis techniques for about 15 min. After that I will work out for a little while and then hop in the shower. After a decent breakfast I head to my office to see what’s on the agenda for today. If I have a session I usually like to schedule it for 10:30am, but it really just depends on what time is acceptable for the client. If I have back-to-back clients I always give myself a thirty min. break in between each one. This allows me to take a breath, step back and get my mind ready for my next one. I will usually only see clients up to 6:00pm, but on rare situations I may fit a client in after 6:00. My motto is why change tomorrow when you can change today.

7. Where did you get your training in hypnosis and are you certified?

I have always been into hypnosis and would read whatever I could when growing up. It wasn't until 22 that I really got serious into hypnosis and started studying it with the intent to actually use what I learned. The first real course I ever studied and completed was from one of the best hypnosis instructors and teachers in the profession, a great hypnotist by the name of Gerald Kein. I got a hold of his Basic to Advance Home Study Course from a good friend who was just going to throw it away because he could never get into hypnosis. So I took it off his hands rather then have it thrown in the garbage. This course literally changed my life and started me on my journey. Eventually after many more DVD training programs I decided to get certified with the National Guild of Hypnotist. I am currently a member in good standing and also working on my second certification with the International Hypnosis Association. I have also read and studied many different books and training programs. One of my favorite books is called Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman and Answer Cancer by Stephen Parkhill.

8. Most fabulous hypnosis technique you use?

That’s a good question and honestly I don't know if I could pick just one, but if I had too I would have to say Chair Work. I find the healing this technique can produce is amazing and it's really interesting to see the interaction between the client and the person in the other chair. This technique has many different applications so I would have to say this is my favorite one.

9. Worse moment ever in a hypnosis setting that ended up being a valuable learning experience.

When I first started to learn hypnosis I did a lot of stage hypnosis type stuff. Well one day I used hypnosis on a friend and made him forget his name. Since I was caught up in the moment I forgot to tell him he could remember his name. I discovered later on that he had a job interview and had to wait for his name to be called. Well since he forgot his name he didn't realize his name was being called and he never got the job. I felt awful and learned that hypnosis can be a powerful tool for change and never abuse it because the moment you do it will come back to bite you. The moment I discovered it which was the next day I reversed the amnesia.

10. Any words of advice to potential clients or other hypnotist?

My main advice is to never stop learning and never stop practicing. Hypnosis is a amazing tool for change and we have only discovered a small percentage of the potential of hypnosis. We are living in a time where hypnosis is starting to become accepted by the main stream so we must treat it as a profession. We must always strive for the highest degrees of credibility and professionalism or we risk losing our rights to practice this amazing art. The more we study and learn the better we will be able to take hypnosis to the next level and show the world that change is nothing more then a state of mind. I also would like to give a word of advice to all the young hypnotists out there. Understand that there are other people and hypnotists out there that know more then you do. Seek these peoples out and learn everything you can. For the moment you think you know everything is the moment you undo everything. Strive to be the best at what you do and great things will follow.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chakras and Lemon

Another day and this illness lingers. I cannot seem to sleep at night, but as soon as the sun comes out, off to dreamland I go. If this seems a little disjointed this week, you know that I am operating with cotton in the brain.

I am happy to report that #3 on my favorite five throat soothers worked brilliantly for me yesterday. My voice stayed strong, perhaps better than it does during my normal healthy times. I do suspect it is an acquired taste, though.

It has made me wonder about proper voice care during sessions in general. I find that many times, my voice will crack or grow hoarse during a session. I have added a humidifier into the mix and always keep water handy (coffee and caffeinated teas also seem to make it worse). No one has ever mentioned it as a problem, but still it has me curious. Does this happen to anyone else who has a job that involves speaking for a period of time? If so, what do you do to remedy this?

I was once told it is because one of my Chakras is blocked. How does one unblock a Chakra?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ellie's Favorite Five - Throat Soothers

So much for feeling better. I have stayed home for two days, but I have a few things I cannot put off today, so in a bit, off I go to the office.

With this in mind, and trying to keep my voice from doing odd things during my sessions, I have become desperate and am looking up homeopathic remedies as a solution.

Now I present to you - Ellie's favorite five throat soothers.

  1. Honey and lemon juice. Mix a bit of these two together and take a teaspoon every so often, letting the concoction sit in your throat.

  2. Cinnamon. Boil a teaspoon of coarsely, powdered cinnamon in a cup of water, along with a pinch of pepper and two teaspoons of honey. I suspect you drink it down for relief.

  3. A tea made out of (you guessed it) lemon and honey, along with apple cider vinegar, and Cayenne pepper. Basically, boil a plain cup of water. Then mix in a teaspoon of the vinegar and one of the honey. Add a pinch of cayenne and the juice of 1/4 of the lemon and there you have a delightful drink. You can have up to four of these a day.

  4. The Tylenol Fix (and no this is probably not what you think). Rather than just taking two and calling me in the morning, this requires one to mash up one Tylenol into a fine powder. Add a few drops of water to the powder until it has a mud-like consistency. With a finger, spread this paste on the back of your tongue. (Yuck).

  5. Yoga. It always comes back to yoga, does it not? Based on the lion pose, one does not need to do the whole pose. Rather, just stick out your tongue as though you are trying to touch your chin with it. When it seems it can go no farther, stretch it out just a little bit more, giving it all you have got. If you do it until you almost gag, you know you are doing it right. And that is it. Do this a couple times a day.

Home Remedies
Thrifty Fun
Associated Content

*Yes, I have to put in a disclaimer here. The above information is just that - merely information. Ellie Blunt and The Transparent Hypnotist do no claim that any of these are cures or even recommend their use. Again they are what they are, information, and you as the reader may do with them what you will, realizing the author of this post is held harmless.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Throaty Apology

Huge apologies for not keeping this blog as active as I should have yesterday. For those who come to answer the poll questions, you will see a new poll this afternoon. I fear that I managed to attracted some not so favorable germs this past weekend (and not in some pleasant way). They have turned against me and have created a bit of a fog in my head.

So, check back this afternoon for a new poll and maybe a post with a little bit better content. Till then...

Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 Poll Results

Results from How Do You Evangelize What You Believe In?
5 - Through conversation (71%)
3 - Through public speaking (42%)
1 - Marketing (14%)
3 - Writing (42%)
3 - Blogging (42%)
2 - Forms of Self-expression (28%)
2 - Other (28%)
1 - I do not evangelize (14%)
Total Participants = 7

Results from If a representative of a company is rude to you, do you:
0 - Do business there anyway
7 - Take your business elsewhere (87%)
0 - You do not care
1 - Complain to management (12%)
1 - Other (12%)
Total Participants = 8

Results from Would You Prefer to Try Hypnosis:
1 - At a Hypnosis Show (8%)
9 - In a Hypnotist's Office (75%)
0 - In a Psychologist's Office
1 - In Your Own Home (8%)
0 - At a Party
1 - I Do Not Want to Try It (8%)
Total Participants = 12

Results from Would You Let a Stranger that You Just Met Hypnotiz You on the Street?
1 - Yes (7%)
8 - No (58%)
2 - It would depend on the person (14%)
1 - It would depend on the place (7%)
2 - I would think about it (14%)
Total participants = 14

Results from The mindset for being hypnotizable is:
4 - One of Intelligence (30%)
1 - One of Weak-mindedness (7%)
2 - It does not matter (15%)
7 - Trust in the hypnotist (53%)
8 - Being relaxed (61%)
6 - Expecting it to work (46%)
2 - Other (15%)
0 - None - hypnosis is a myth
Total participants = 13

Results from When Other Sites Link to Your Web Site, Do You:
0 - Prefer to be notified first
9 - Feel flattered (90%)
0 - Feel it is an invasion
4 - Do not need to be notified (40%)
0 - Do not care
0 - Other
Total Participants = 10

Results from How do you quiet the noise in your mind?
7 - Self-hypnosis (41%)
6 - Meditate (35%)
3 - Do something bodily active (17%)
3 - Read (17%)
4 - Watch TV or a Movie (23%)
4 - Do something creative (23%)
4 - Journal (23%)
1 - Ignore it (5%)
0 - There is no noise
Total Participants = 17

Results from Do you consider yourself:
2 -
A permissive person (20%)
0 - An authoritative person
8 - Both on occasion (80%)
Total Participants = 10

Results from When thinking about the new year, do you:
3 - Make a resolution (17%)
2 - Refuse to make a resolution (11%)
2 - ignore it (11%)
6 - Use it for contemplation (35%)
3 - See it as a new begining (17%)
10 - Every day is a new begining (58%)
1 - Other (5%)
Total Participants = 17

Needing New Music

It is good to be back at home, drinking Darjeeling today. A little change seems to go a long way. So here we are on a dark and gloomy (but warm) Monday morning.

For the last week or two I have been having flashes of needing to get of routine to freshen things up a bit in my life. And so I have. I changed teas, went adventuring on the weekend, and am now looking for new music. I use it in the background of some sessions and I try to always have something playing when clients first enter the office. Usually it is instrumental and calming. It also tends to be New Age. I tried jazz for a little while, and it seemed to stress out more than one client. Then there is the music that is familiar and distracts away from the session. Live and learn.

It has been a challenge finding background music. Little blips and spouts of samples in cyberville media help. Myspace has also been a good thing, though it gets tedious with interface and ads. Youtube is also another good source, but with social media ever expanding, one large database would be a nice change. rectifies this a bit. It ties in all various sites and collects information about various artists, so you can search for the type of music you desire and find bands, music or blogs (among other things). You can search the database for New Age music or what ever is your cup of tea. is relatively new, but it seems as though it could reduce search time because all the information is there in one place. Apparently, one of their partners is Epic Records, so this may also prove to be a launch pad for new music in general.

So, that is my morning - new music. Life is good.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Coffee shop and laptop again today, still far from home. But it has been a fabulous weekend. Hopefully yours has been good as well.

So, I though I would share an experience I had yesterday and base the Sunday Question around it. My partner and I were in an independent bookstore happily perusing the shelves in literary bliss (bet you can relate). Now perhaps this is a new trend in bookstores and I am oblivious, but as soon as we entered the clerk (owner, God Forbid) was all over us, trying to help us. She managed to suggest a book of NASCAR stories for my partner (who would much prefer a Gerald Seymour type of reading experience and has never ever, though American, never paid any attention to NASCAR). Luckily we were rescued with the arrival of a new customer. I find this book on political satire and bring it over to my partner, who I knew would appreciate it. He thumbs through the pages and reads a few selections. Over floats the clerk who suggested NASCAR.

"That is a good book," she says, "May I put it up front for you?"

Pushy, pushy, pushy. Before I could even think, "Back off," she did the most astounding thing. She condescendingly began to lecture my partner and I about how this was an independent bookstore and unlike the big chains, she only has one copy of the book. If we stand there and read it then the book becomes a used book. This isn't a library, you know.

How sad. Buy a book for its cover? Whatever happened to "don't judge a book by its cover?" It would be like buying a new dress and not being able to try it on or return it if it did not fit (my partner's analogy).

So, we were unable to support the independent bookstore. We put down all and any of the books we were thinking of transporting home and after a few minutes of recovering from the shock we left (as did a few other customers who received the same lecture or her busy-body ways). One has to wonder how she has manages to stay in business (we know she has been there for at least five years if not longer).

This all leads to the Sunday Question, which can either be a contemplation or a legit question:

In business or work - are you there to serve and help others or are you there because of another reason (other than to make money)? In other words, what motivates you to pursue a certain career path and does this help with your success in your field or does it hinder progress?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Esoteric Path

Today I am blogging away from home and have been trying to do so on my iPod Touch. Does not seem to like Blogger. Hmmm. So, my partner has taken pity for me and the coffee shop and is letting me post this on his laptop.

You will note the moving figure on the left (though I am not sure it moves if you are looking at this in Safari). You can find out more about it and its functions at What I think is interesting about this particular moving thing is that it changes directions depending on your mode of consciousness. You can make it move through concentration or just thinking about it. My thoughts are that this would make a potentially wonderfully visual eye fixation for a hypnotic induction. One could use suggestions such as "when the figure changes directions, you go deeper into a state of pleasant hypnosis."

Any thoughts?

Friday, February 15, 2008

10 Questions with Adam Eason

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset

Cyber Location:

1. Are you a full time hypnotist, part-time or hobbyist?

Full time… As much as I can allow it to be. Hypnosis and its therapeutic applications is my main love – there are only so many people I can see in a day. So I speak on the subject in various forms across the world, run seminars and courses so my time is spent with other things too.

2. Do you specialize in any type of hypnosis?

I teach and heavily advocate the use of self-hypnosis… Are there any other ‘types’ of hypnosis? ;-)

I work very indirectly and subtly with hypnosis and incorporate a range of other interventions I find useful from the fields of NLP, CBT, classical psychiatry and other related fields… My belief is that hypnosis is inherent within all these things.

3. Is there any type of hypnosis you do not do? Why?

I do not do past life regression. I have a firm belief in congruence leading to the effectiveness and success of the therapist. For that reason, I tend to believe that if you do not wholly believe that what you are doing is going to be useful, successful and yield tangible results, then it should not be done. I am uncertain as to where my beliefs and understandings of past life regression lie and therefore refer enquiries to other therapists in this field.

Although my personal life is punctuated with certain elements of spirituality and is flavored with ‘new-agism’ here and there, my professional practice is free from these things – I like it that way and it has lent itself to my career advancement I believe.

4. Do you use self-hypnosis regularly in your life? If so, how?

Of course we all spend much of our lives in some form of trance… I have taken myself into hypnosis formally approximately 5 times a day for the past 14 years. I go into hypnosis when I work with clients – it is the best way to ensure they go there too! Erickson spent most of his therapeutic time in trance and any good hypnotherapist ought to be doing the same. When you want someone in a particular state – best to be there yourself. Any practitioner, or anyone claiming to be a professional practitioner or even advocate of hypnosis, needs to be regularly experiencing the state – yet so few do. If you do not regularly enter hypnosis yourself, why would you presume to understand and empathize that you are successfully inducing the same in others?

Am I allowed a gratuitous plug here?.... My book ‘The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis’ (the best selling book on self-hypnosis in the past 10 years) explains the system I use and how to apply it to varying aspects of your life.

5. Describe your hypnosis office or work setting.

I have my consulting rooms on the very south coast of England that overlook the beach and the sea. With the windows open, you can hear the sea and boy, do I utilize that sound in my sessions!

It is large and airy, we have leather sofas, tall bookcases, reclining chairs, a sound system in the ceiling and all manner of hypnotic goodies to enhance people’s experience of being here.

6. Describe a typical day in your life.

Hmm… Having kissed my beloved Katie and made her tea, I run along the sea front – often as part of my training for one the marathons I run each year. Having showered and had breakfast, I blog, answer emails, write articles for my weekly ezine and chat with my business colleagues. I then see 4-6 clients in my consulting rooms for the day. I email them all on notes and further reading relating to the work we are doing together and I head home. I often cook for Katie, we do all manner things with our evenings – we are currently being taught how to dance properly for our wedding in May… Fridays, I finish early, especially if I am working overseas or running a diploma that weekend.

7. Where did you get your training in hypnosis and are you certified?

I think I have enough letters after my name to complete several large sentences and that does not make for interesting reading. Having originally been a psychiatrist, I abandoned conventional medicine due to its seeming ineffectiveness with my own problematic skin condition that was finally overcome with hypnosis.

I went on to train with several large, prominent schools in the UK, US and Europe – I have trained with Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Robert Dilts and many others. I have several diplomas and have written two research theses in hypnosis related topics. I was a Director of and complaints officer for the Hypnotherapy Association for a number of years until time meant that I could not commit further to the roles. You can read a long, lengthy and fully comprehensive list of my qualifications at my website, it is certainly the least interesting page there though!

8. Most fabulous hypnosis technique you use?

I love the presupposition that if this is the most fabulous technique, that there must be others with a degree of ‘fabulousness’ too!

‘One’ of the most fabulous techniques that I use often is hypnotizing couples to be each other… In much the same way that David Calof wrote about in his wonderful book of the same name… When you hypnotize a couple that are struggling with their relationship – they become each other for that session and have to interact with the other as if they are the other one… Some intriguing and incredibly beneficial insights are gleaned and much change occurs without having to do much else…

9. Worse moment ever in a hypnosis setting that ended up being a valuable learning experience.

As a younger, inexperienced man, I allowed a client to intimidate me with his high life standing and intellect. The therapy was largely ineffective until I told him by mistake that he was ‘pissing me off’ … Ooops, desperately unprofessional! However, it really interrupted his pattern, jolted some mutual respect, allowed me to do what was more effective and lead the therapy sessions in a way that helped us both.

10. Any words of advice to potential clients or other hypnotist.

Find a hypnotist you like and feel comfortable being yourself with. Hypnosis is intimate and requires a sense of trust and belief in what you are doing… As a hypnotist be yourself… Truly on every level… So many hypnotherapists are simply bland versions of people attempting to be something to everyone. Be different, enjoy your idiosyncrasies, be who you really are and those that like you will plant their flag in the ground beside you.. Those that don’t can find someone more suitable to them… When you attempt to be everything to everyone, you end up being a bland, rather lame version of all the other people who are forming part of the herd and unfortunately I encounter hundreds of therapists each year with great training and knowledge, yet incapable of attracting clients, using their hypnosis skills in life and not managing to make a good living… Congruency and authenticity rules ok! ;-)

If you are interested in reading more about me you can visit and you can download for free a rather fantastic hypnosis session which has sounds coming in both ears at the same time, evocative language and especially recorded music for maximum hypnotic effect. If you want to read my usual rantings which often require me to wipe the foam from my mouth afterwards, then my blog is .... Lots of my podcasts are at my site along with all manner of other hypnotic stuff… I’ll stop plugging now… Best wishes to all your regular readers, I do love the transparent hypnotist blog…

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Romantic Notion

Sheepishly, I wish you a decent Valentine's Day. I say sheepishly because it is one of those contrived holidays that people are either for or against. I always tell myself I do not care about it and will ignore it. But the truth is, it makes me a bear when I try not to do this. So instead, I buy myself flowers or gumdrops and enjoy the day. It is not every day that you can get cinnamon, red-hot hearts.

With all this in mind, I have a romantic little client story for you. I am seeing a client who is giving her spouse a wonderful gift today. She has chosen Valentine's Day as her smoking quit day. For years her husband has urged her to try smoking cessation and now she is moving forward with it. For those of you in the know who are shaking your head, thinking quitting because someone else jeers you towards it will never work, please keep reading. She has been thinking and planning this since January. She used to be a jogger and has decided to go back to this form of exercise. Her lung capacity for air seems much less, and she views this as a sign of potential upcoming issues with remaining a smoker. In short, she is afraid.

Her plan is two fold. She has begun taking Chantix (a prescription medication to help along smoking cessation) and hypnosis. Now some hypnotists will tell you that doing both is overkill. I will agree somewhat, but I feel we all know ourselves. If she already has the mindset that the two will work, I am not going to take that away and convince her otherwise.

What I did not know about Chantix was what it cost. My client does not have a prescription plan with her health insurance (and since I am still miffed with the blue insurance company with a cross to bear I am always looking for options to help defray the cost of medical care in the States). This prescription is apparently pretty pricey. Enter eDrugstore.MD. This company has been an Internet resource for the past eight years and offers very competitive pricing, including $20 off refills (this is for any prescription). What is helpful about this site is that when you view the various drug pages, it provides a lot of easy-to-read information about that particular product. For each, it explains exactly what it is and how it works (and side effects). Chantix, for instance, blocks the effects of nicotine while reducing cravings. It also gives a detailed plan in how to use it - start taking it seven days before the planned quit day...and so on. They also have a section called "Ask a Physician" where you can type in your questions about your prescription and get an answer from a real doctor. This is especially nice for those of us with doctors who do not like it when patients ask questions. This particular online pharmacy also only carries the authentic drugs - no generics (so their selection of available prescriptions is not very inclusive, except for the popular drugs), which they buy directly from the pharmaceutical companies (FDA approved, by the way).

So, here it is, Valentine's Day, my client's quit day. When I asked how she is going to tell her husband about this, she says she is going to wrap her last pack of cigarettes with two pairs of scissors and present them to him. When he looks puzzled, she is going to tell him that she has quit and if he chooses, he can help her cut up the cigarettes as a tribute to his support for her. Destruction on Valentine's Day, I love it.

By the way, hypnotist, they also offer an interesting affiliate program.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who is Hippolyte Bernheim?

For a little while, we romanced Charcot and his hysterical ideas that hypnosis could only be experienced by those thought to suffer from hysteria. Well, alas, it is time to wipe our hands clean of the spectral from this early performance art and get back to the therapeutic side. But before you roll your eyes, yawn and click off this post, the story is hardly boring.

It is time to introduce Hippolyte Bernheim, nemeses of Charcot. Can you hear the hisses from the Salpêtrière School (where Charcot practiced)? Enter in the idea of suggestibility. That's right. This is where that whole concept begins to manifest itself into consciousness. (1) Bernheim believed that Charcot's provocation of hysteria during hypnosis came about from suggestions given at that time - hence the hysteria was induced via suggestion not heredity. He also took Charcot's studies forward a bit and believed that hypnosis could be used therapeutically. He even surmised that hypnosis could be used to even treat hysteria. Charcot's main interest was in studying hysteria, not helping those suffering from it. (2)

Now we need to add a little somnambulism to the mix and we have a most modern notion of hypnosis. While a professor at the aculté de Médicine at Nancy (or the Nancy School of Hypnosis), Bernheim learned about a gentleman doctor who worked with patients using artificial somnambulism. This gentleman was Liébeault. So, this acquaintance influenced Bernheim to adjust his views of hypnosis a bit more. He defined hypnosis as a heightened state of artificially induced suggestibility. (2) Amen.

So, powerful advocate of modern hypnosis - Yes! Friend of Charcot - No. Not only did Bernheim disagree with Charcot's ideas, he also implied that the study controls of Charcot's students were suspect, as well as Charcot.

Library of Congress Exhibit

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Reason to Use Convincers

One of yesterday's sessions ended in a very odd way. There was nothing very unusual in the request - smoking cessation. My client was a young man who had quit before using hypnosis. It had last a few months until a crisis happened and he started up again. Also he had quit during his wife's pregnancy with no effort, then when the child was born, he started again. But, before he turns 40, he had wanted to be rid of the habit. No problem.

We went through the pre-talk. I asked him what he remembered about his first hypnosis session. He did not remember too much. Again, no problem. I always ask about people's other hypnosis experiences to get a feeling where they are in comprehension of hypnosis and what differences to expect from me.

He did great when I put him through a few paces to see how he processed information and to get an idea about how our rapport was working out. And so I believed it would be a good session (I am still pretty sure it was - it was just odd) and worked with a permissive, traditional approach. Induction, deepener, depth test and convincers before beginning the suggestion work. Excellent, textbook responses.

At the end, once he had opened his eyes, he looked at me and said that he had heard every word going on in the office below me, as well as the outside street noises. I explained that some people experience a hyper-awareness of the senses. Then he said I needed to get what his other hypnotist used - a sound system where the client wears soundproof earphones and I do the session speaking through a microphone that is connected to the earphones (yikes, more wires everywhere). This means there is no opportunity for outside noises to be a distraction. I see the point. But I come from the school of philosophy that says hypnosis does not require sense deprivation or total silence other than the sound of my voice. I work the background noises into my patter and allow the client plenty of time to acclimate to the various noises around us.

Then my client remembered his whole first session. It sounded like a lovely guided visualization. But I found myself on edge a bit, as though I was about to be criticized. I know there was a comparison process going on within him, but it felt like he was going to be not so favorable to my version (now mind you, I suspect this was an internal thing within me and not him). Before he could start to unravel the work we had just done, I remembered I had given him a post hypnotic suggestion to lose a certain number when counting. I suddenly asked him to count and the number was gone. I snapped my fingers twice (which was also suggested during the session) and the numbers came back. He looked very startled. He said he had thought it impossible, he knew the numbers, but then just could not say the one I suggested he lose.

He left with the standard - hope I never see you again line. (Me too.) Then as he was walking out the door said he would be calling me in a few months to work on weight loss.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Got Out of Bed

And so I have gotten out of bed again. The day smacks of being potentially too hurried, but maybe with a little deep breathing work, it will remain calm and casual. How does your day look?

Yesterday, my partner wanted to know what The Sunday Question was and he responded verbally. Pancakes. Pancakes help him to change things up and make life worth getting up in the morning. Now that is a nice answer. The question remains open for your response as well.

My answer? I try to avoid too much ritual in general. I try to not confine myself too much to any box, except for those that I find most pleasant. I blog in the mornings, have my coffee or tea and figure out the rest of the day at that point. That is the plus side of owning your own business. Others do not dictate your work hours. I go the office when I have clients or just need some quiet time. It is rarely ever the same.

Interesting poll results on Would You Let a Stranger that You Just Met Hypnotize You on the Street? So far the majority says "No." Perhaps I should have included a question about stage hypnosis. Ah, there I think we have a new poll. Just give me a few...

Tentative upcoming plans for the blog this week:

  1. Who the heck is Hippolyte Bernheim?
  2. Another variation of the definition of hypnosis
  3. Maybe, just maybe another of my favorite five somethings
  4. 10 Questions with Adam Eason

And of course, we must not forget Esoteric Saturday and The Sunday Question. Animal hypnosis is still high on my list, but it needs time to do it properly. In our discussion on forms of hypnosis, we are still on the divergent history of the French Schools.

Also, on The Unwinding Path, I am still on the second chapter of The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, but I did post my pre-reading-the-book-drawings over the weekend.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Question of Getting Out of Bed

It has been a week of wanting a vacation and indulgences. Though some say Sundays are the begining of new weeks, internally they really seem to be the end for me. It is the last breath before plunging into Monday. So, as usual the Sunday question will reflect the theme of the past six days.

What do you add into your normal routine, be it business, be it weekends, be it how you conduct a hypnosis session, that helps keep life fresh and new for you or even worth getting out of bed?

*50 entrecredits for a my favorite response (you must include your entrecard number if you want the credit).

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finally Esoteric HQ

Two aspirin, a glass of orange juice, and a heck of a lot of water and I am fine. Wondering if I am taking a cold or remedying a hangover? If you choose the latter, that would be correct. Please realize that I am neither promoting nor condemning alcohol, but push has come to shove and it was time to try HQ Hpnotiq for myself. My partner and I indulged in splitting a 375ml bottle last night so I could finally give a rundown on it for Esoteric Saturday. I mentioned it this past summer, but had not been able to experience it till now.

And the verdict? Why, it makes for a mighty fine aperitif. A little tart in its blend of vodka, cognac, and fruit juices. The liquid is indeed nuclear blue and the bottle is frosted glass. So what you see is what you drink.

Being a little excited, we decided to try some of the recipes on The first was Lemon-TIQ, which involves mixing HQ with some Lemoncello. It is served over ice. Personally, I prefer plain HQ. So that led to the Hpno-Grand Shot of HQ, comprised of grenadine, HQ and vodka. Not at all pleasant in my book. Needing to remove the taste, the last recipe we tried was by far the best - Hpnotiq Sangria. This recipe called for HQ, red wine and orange juice. Very nice and refreshing.

So, children do not try this at home. LOL. Well try it (if you are of legal drinking age), but maybe not indulging in such a variety of mixed drinks.

Friday, February 8, 2008

10 Questions with Marcia Proctor

Location: Germantown, Maryland

Cyber Location:

1. Are you a full time hypnotist, part-time or hobbyist?

Part time until my daughter is out of college, and I plan to go full time then.

2. Do you specialize in any type of hypnosis?

Smoking cessation, stress management, pediatric hypnosis, phobias, etc.
3. Is there any type of hypnosis you do not do? Why?


4. Do you use self-hypnosis regularly in your life? If so, how?

Yes, as pain management, stress management.

5. Describe your hypnosis office or work setting. I have two offices.

One is at a wellness center. The other is in my home - I converted my living room into an office. Two recliners, a sofa and two chairs.

6. Describe a typical day in your life.

First my day job as a tech writer, then home or the wellness center to get ready for clients.
7. Where did you get your training in hypnosis and are you certified?

The Hypnotherapy Institute in New Jersey. I am certified as a master hypnotherapist.

8. Most fabulous hypnosis technique you use?

Ericksonian techniques and parts regression therapy.

9. Worse moment ever in a hypnosis setting that ended up being a valuable learning experience.

I was working with a 14 year old with Khron's Disease, who was having problems with having bloodwork drawn. Her mother told me it was the needles. Taught the girl self hypnosis and the magic spot technique. She was able to achieve trance easily, did a pinch test, and she never felt it. The following week, she was back, and the mother and grandmother were there, saying she became combative, and still fought having the blood drawn. I finally asked the mother to let me talk with the girl (very much in a child state). The girl said, yes, she was able to do what I taught her. I asked her why she was having a problem at the doctor's office. She said it was the rubber band that hurt - the tourniquet. She really wasn't worried about the needle. I got her back in hypnosis and talked about the tourniquet. I asked her to imagine that when the tourniquet was used, it was like a big teddy bear hug squeezing her tight, helping her to get better soon. I learned that with children, the parents really don't always know. Never take the parent's word for it. No matter the age of the child, get the child's input.

10. Any words of advice to potential clients or other hypnotist.

The mind is so powerful, so fascinating, and to use it for a larger potential is exciting.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being the Guerrilla

Sometimes I could just scream (and maybe I will - primal scream therapy, kinda nice). Marketing, marketing, marketing. That is all there ever is or so it seems. Imagine that phrase said in a Jan Brady sort of way and you have my tone and my meaning. It really eats into time. What sort of world is this where rather than being good at what we do, we have to indulge in these things we do not do well. I know it comes with the territory, but it is really burning my energy until a client comes in and I remember why I go through it. But it would be nice to have more clients, less marketing.

With that said, I am always looking for some sort of marketing thing that will not zap me. The is one of the reason's why I started The Unwinding Path- so I could try out various things in a way that I enjoy (being that I am an addicted blogger). So then comes along Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing, a book and strategy by Jay Levinson and James Dillehay, which may prove to be an inspiration. They have devised a system for Network Marketing Leads. On their web site they offer a free sample chapter, which was an easy read (not talking over or under my level) and the table of contents. Perhaps it is like most products of this sort in the sense that it is all common sense, but it looks like it would be a good direction to follow.

Has any one else tried the Guerrilla Marketing process? Any one interested in trying it with me in a month or so?

A Problematic Potential Client

There you are, all peaceful and grateful for the air you are currently breathing. Perhaps you are afraid to be too hopeful, yet, most things are well in your world. Then something large or small shatters it and you are left wondering - what the HELL happened? Does this ring true for anyone else?

Well this recently happened to me after an initial visit with a potential new client. He came to discuss the possibility of me hypnotizing him for smoking cessation. I have always been very respectful of those who choose this route of consultation rather than just making an appointment for the session itself. It gives both of us an opportunity to know if we want to work together. And I just realized as I typed those very words, that this is indeed the case - we both get to decide.

At first I was going to use this post to rant about how he was completely distasteful and would probably not be a great client - I am not so sure he is capable of listening to my suggestions. My impression from our meeting is that he was more curious about hypnosis (in a skeptical kind of way with ideas of disproving it) and about not letting a "female" take control of him (even though I tried in vain apparently- to explain that the hypnotist is never in control of the client and that if he does not believe it will work, it probably will not).

There is always a pang of something when I realize I may not be able to help someone who seeks my services, but I suspect this man (my polite side wants to call him a gentleman, but the truth side of my consciousness is unable to do so) would be wasting his money. Yuck.

So rather than the vent session I had thought this would be, what I have come to realize in writing this, is that I do not have to accept him as a client and that is just fine.

Yuck and good riddance.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Car Defines the Person?

Sometime back this past summer, I blogged about a day when I was not up to my usual par in clothing and style. I received some very nice support from you all about it that made me feel much better. However, I have as yet to lapse into total casualness in my work practice.

Now another dilemma faces me. I recently was at a networking event and the subject of cars came up (I almost think this should be outlawed from polite conversation as are politics, religion and sex. LOL). There seems to be rampant opinion about what a car says about a person, especially a small business owner. It does not matter if you are frugal or not, apparently people believe that the niceness of a car tells more about you in your profession than does one's actual work. I am being a bit sarcastic here, but may be not.

Well in my insecurities about this, I have been looking at the idea of getting a "business car." Car Prices are not so bad these days, if one comparison shops. offers such a comparison where you can select the type of car you are interested in buying (plus various details like make, years, etc) and it gives you a couple of quotes. It seems fair enough. What happens is that dealers get to give competing quotes that may provide for an opportunity on a good deal.

The problem is that I have no idea about what sort of car I would like. It would have to have great gas mileage, but also a classic look. Do you think there are classic cars that are like the tailoring of classic clothes - they never really go out of style?

Definitive Definition

In researching Ellie's Favorite Five, I end up spending a great amount of time on my fellow hypnotists web sites. It is a rather enjoyable occupation, if you ask me. I love exploring how we all define the hypnotic experience, so I thought periodically I would share some of these definitions with you.

This first one is not from a hypnosis site, actually. It is from The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Dictionary of Medical Terms (I was there for other research needs).

A trance-like state in which a person becomes more aware and focused and is more open to suggestion.

I find this particularly interesting because of the usage of the word "trance-like." This is a historical (I actually mistyped that as hysterical, whoops) debate among those practicing hypnosis - is there such a thing as trance? I guess using the word "trance-like" allows room for either.

As always, your opinion is appreciated.

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Ellie's Favorite Five - Let's Take A Vacation

Ellie needs a vacation. January has just plum tuckered her out, but alas there is no reprieve insight for awhile (well that's not right, there are a few road trips planned for a few weekends, but I want it now. LOL). So, to help me refuel my batteries and with hopes that this will help you as well, I decided to list my current favorite five vacation scripts. For those non-hypnotists who read this, I recommend Robert Hughes' By the Sea because it has almost everything one needs to have a full hypnosis experience, except a recorder.

Ellie's Favorite Five

Silvia Hartmann - Ice River. Reading like poetry, this visualization takes a winter scene and turns it into a mystical experience. Silvia refers to this experience as a "hypodream," differentiating it from regular hypnosis because it does not seek earthly results (weight loss, smoking cessation, and so on). It has a bit of New Age thrown in and seeks to help those interested with Lucid Dreaming and entering the psychic realms. It is a vacation from the ordinary.

Robert Hughes - Relaxation by the Sea. This is a fully encompassing script that is originally suggested for creating your own, personal hypnosis audio. It involves an induction, a countdown deepener, and even physical response. The imagery is gorgeous and very soothing.

Christine Davies - Holiday Stroll. This is a beautiful walk that one might take when staying at a hotel. It has lovely guided imagery of a garden and then a beach. This would require another induction and deepener or could be used for imagery work itself.

Wayne F. Perkins - A One Minute Vacation. Who cannot use a one minute vacation? This is a self-hypnosis relaxation exercise that allows the participant to choose the vacation or place of peace. It is very permissive.

Ron Stubbs - A Mental Vacation. I include this because it is extremely similar to Wayne Perkins' One Minute Vacation. There are only slight modifications. I am not sure which script came first, but it is a good example of either Universal Consciousness or influence. They are interesting in their slight differences.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Far East of Here

Chicory coffee and Beignets - that is where my heart is this Fat Tuesday morning. While the rest of the States are geared up for Super Tuesday, I am not. I am sitting here, trying to get myself motivated to go vote and there is a certain detachment that has occurred within my being, almost like low-grade depression. It seems a waste to put Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday on the same day. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Perhaps it is that I am still a bit bummed about missing Hypnoticon last weekend or the realization that I probably will not make it Vegas for Solid Gold either, too much going on to be able to get away, but I really think a change of perspective would be good about now. But not to addle you with my own half-empty thoughts today, I can pinpoint my issues.

I have a client I am working with who has a fabulous trip planned to the Far East (is that still PC or is the term out of favor?). In between the wonderful travel itinerary and exoticness of it all, there is a world of anxiety. The long flights to Hong Kong, not speaking the language, and even the different diet are conflicting with her desire to travel. So, we are working on all this - enjoying the release from having to be in control during the flight and using that time for therapeutic rest and healing. This along with suggestion work on concentration and retention for learning the language, as well as self-permission to eat only what appeals and not feel forced to eat anything she finds distasteful, all serve to give her more pleasure once there. However I suspect once she gets caught up in the trip itself, she will be fine. It is just the pre-jitters and some other inner issues that are adding to her guilt in going (leaving the children with the grandparents for the first time) and such.

So as I work on pulling a program together for her, I get this slight pang and longing to be the one going on this trip.

But, it's Fat Tuesday. I will have and eat my king cake, too.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just a Monday

Well, it seems as though I did not accomplish very much on my list for last week. Perhaps planning so ahead is not the way to go on such a blog as this. It so easy to get caught up in the rapture of blogging, it is easy to forget that I still see clients. LOL. (I would never actually forget that). So suffice to say that we will continue the road of forms of hypnosis and the normal stuff, 10 Questions, Esoteric Saturday, and the Sunday Question. Whatever happens beyond that will be icing on the cake, though I am trying to get more regular with Ellie's Favorite Five. I am just about over the slight negativity from the last time I did it (odd response to linking to someone else). Yes, I am sensitive and as I do this for fun, it takes a little longer to recoup sometimes.

So, look for the new poll soon, and also we start The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain today on The Unwinding Path.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Question of Approach

In the end, I did not go to Hypnoticon. But, from what I am hearing, everyone has had a great time. One thing they did, apparently, is scatter out through Atlanta and did street hypnosis, where they approached strangers and asked if they wanted a hypnotic experience. They then proceeded to provide the opportunity and hypnotize those interested. Though I suspect I would not have been so comfortable doing this, it is an interesting way to educate the public about hypnosis.

So here is the Sunday question:

If you are a hypnotist would you consider doing street hypnosis and be comfortable doing so, and if so, why or why not?

For those non-hypnotists, if you were approached by a stranger on the street, would you consent to try hypnosis and if so why or why not?

*Entrecard users - 50 entrecredits for my favorite response.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Esoteric Probuditi!

Since our past Esoteric Saturday's were a bit heavy, thought we would hit today with something a little more fun. A children's book. That's right folks, hypnosis has made it into the picture book world for children with Probuditi! Written and illustrated by Caldecott winner Chris Van Allsburg, this is an interesting little foray into our favorite subject.

Not to spoil it for you (it is a super, quick read), it is about a little boy who gets it into his head to hypnotize his pesky, little sister and mayhem ensues. At first, my feathers were ruffled because it seemed to embrace one of the awful myths about hypnosis, but the end shows that it might not be as it seems. It is a subtle ending and it's rather charming. Point taken.

Interestingly enough, when you read the reviews for it in Amazon, no one really mentions the hypnosis angle (which is a major theme). Instead people take the racial topic, which I personally think has nothing to do with the book. But people will read into what they want, I guess. However, last year it was voted one of the 25 best children's books by Time Magazine.

Anyway, if you have read this, let me know your thoughts.

Friday, February 1, 2008

10 Questions with Paul Knight

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cyber Location:

1. Are you a full time hypnotist, part-time or hobbyist?

Full-time. It sure beats working for a living!

2. Do you specialize in any type of hypnosis?

I do it all. Therapy, entertainment and recreational. I decided long ago not to specialize. I think that has made me a better hypnotist since all the skills tend to overlap.

3. Is there any type of hypnosis you do not do? Why?

Very little. I do not work with alcohol or drug abuse due to regulations in my home state (Wisconsin). There are some clients I have learned I do not work well with. An example is a couple where one spouse wants me to hypnotize the other to find out if the other spouse has been cheating. There are some things that ethically and morally I will not do. Those items fall mostly on the recreational side of hypnosis.

4. Do you use self-hypnosis regularly in your life? If so, how?

Not too much any more. I'm perfect and don't need it. (Yeah. Right.) I used self-hypnosis for so long and for so many things that my mind now bypasses the hypnosis part and makes the changes directly (or not).

5. Describe your hypnosis office or work setting.

I make house calls, so its wherever I am working. For stage shows, again, wherever I am. No specific setting. That keeps things interesting.

6. Describe a typical day in your life.

There is no genuinely "typical day". It varies by day of the week and time of the year, if I have a client or am doing a show. Here is approximately an average day: If I am not traveling or have an early client, I tend to get up around 8 - 9 a.m., have a long breakfast then work for a few hours on paperwork, phone calls or whatever needs to be done. I frequently have afternoon clients, so I see them. If not, I lovebicycling, so if the weather is adequate, I go out for a 1-2 hour ride or as long as time permits. I usually have clients or a show in the early evening, so I go there. I tend to get home between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. depending on what I was doing. Then I may do a little bit more work, relax or just go to bed. If I am traveling for a show, then the day is usually spent on driving to the show and back. On those days Imay not get home until 3 or 4 a.m. or later. I am on the road about 90 days per year.

7. Where did you get your training in hypnosis and are you certified?

I am certified. I was originally trained by Gil Boyne and the Hypnosis Training Institute of Los Angeles. I have taken continuing training ever since and have been trained by too many people to mention (or remember). I was also an instructor for a time. Due to state regulations, I am not doing that right now. My stage hypnosis training was from the late, great Ormund McGill. He was every bit as good as his reputation says. My personal favorite instructor who is still offering classes on a regular basis is Gerald Kein of Omni Hypnosis in Florida.

8. Most fabulous hypnosis technique you use?

I don't know if it is the most fabulous, but I like rapid inductions. During a show I frequently use the hand clasp test and convert it into a rapid induction. Instantaneous hypnosis can be fun in the right setting.

9. Worse moment ever in a hypnosis setting that ended up being a
valuable learning experience.

I learned that when suggested she is getting warm, a teenage girl can remove her sweater, t-shirt and sports bra in a single one second maneuver, at which point I also learned a hypnotist can leap across a 50' stage in a single bound.

That may not be my worst moment, but it is one of the more potentially-disastrous-turned-humorous ones. Most of my bad moments have come on stage when something unexpected happens. Bad moments are pretty rare in therapy because there are less distractions and more warning if something ugly is about to happen.

10. Any words of advice to potential clients or other hypnotist.

To clients: Choose your hypnotist carefully. Check out several of them and decide who you are most comfortable with. Don't let letters after the name fool you. Many certified hypnotists are much better at their craft than PhDs. For stage entertainers, check references and watch (or at least skim) a full show. Every hypnotist's highlight DVD is fantastic. But a full show, even though it is their best show, can give you a lot more information about their quality.

To hypnotists: Never stop learning. Always try new things. If you are just beginning, study everything. You never know what you might need when. If you think you will only do stage hypnosis, study hypnotherapy as well (and vice versa). The skills overlap wonderfully. If you are established, challenge yourself. Try new things. Learn new skills every chance you have.