Monday, November 26, 2007


When looking at last week's poll, no one checked doing charity work during the holidays. It really is hard to make time for such things with all the hubbub of craziness that seems to be around.

What makes me think of this is that our local police department dropped by the office a few days ago to collect for their own charity. I was rather surprised by this. I suggested that I would be happy to volunteer my time or do a class in emergency hypnosis or relaxation techniques for the police officers or even to do the occasional guided meditation for de-stressing. But, what they really wanted was extra funds. It seems our tax dollars do not provide enough monies to keep our law enforcers in tactical equipment, such as that provided by 511 tactical. I was really shocked to hear this. I would have thought Kevlar vest were standard issue, but apparently not.

I did donate to the cause, but was a little saddened that they had no interest in my volunteer time. However, I may pitch it to the higher-ups anyway.

Do any of you volunteer your hypnosis services to help other's in the community and if so, what sort of experiences have you had?

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