Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Fake Fireplace Induction, Anyone?

Over the past weekend I received a package from Vat19.com, whose tag line is curiously awesome gifts - such as a Wall Mount Bottle Opener or other unique toys, of which they sent me to play with and try out. The three items were fake snow (a tiny package of white powder that you add to water and the powder has a mild eruption, creating fine granular looking snow), small candles that have flame colors that match the candle wax color, and a DVD of fireplaces all ablaze. An interesting lot. I had thought I might create an Ellie animation involving all, but my time is too limited at the moment.

I needed to pick one to write about here and though the snow was entertaining, it was such as quick eruption that ensued that I have not been able to effortlessly include it in a hypnosis session (someone who is not so one track mind probably could, but I cannot seem to walk and hypnotalk at the same time, so it would be tough). The candles were great, but that is so classically a candle flame induction, it did not seem creative enough. So that left the video.

After playing it on my computer for awhile (it has a lovely soundtrack), it really is almost as hypnotic as a real fire place. What I learned is that I am drawn to fireplaces because of the warmth factor, so this video does not even come close to helping with that, but it could make for an induction. There are a variety of scenes to chose from, each with their own appeal. The Christmas scene would be good because there is an added element of a toy train traveling through the picture on occasion. This could be a deepener (when you see the train coming through, you begin to relax more and more each time). Another interesting scene on the video is a psychedelic fire that twist and turns and is rather warped. It is strange enough that I think it would hold the conscious mind in awe long enough to use it as an induction. And then there are the simple basic, repetitive flames, perhaps my favorite. Again this could function like a candle flame induction.

So, you may be asking "why not just use a candle?" Good question. So here is my answer: one is often in places that do not allow candles. That is the perfect condition for this video (provided you have a television and DVD player or computer handy). And what about airplanes? Ever been sitting next to a fearful soul that you wanted to help? I can see a lot of potential for this in that situation. Sure you could just do a verbal session, but this would give them something to really focus on. Provided there are no fire phobias...

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