Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary Leprechauns

Ah, All Hallows. My favorite holiday. What a busy time, party and all. I got a favorable response to it so it should be fun. The cider is all ready to be spiced, the guided meditation written and my custume hanging on the shower bar.

Are you doing anything fun today?

And onto the scary stuff, no really, I mean scary. It is in the news again...someone having issues from a hypnotism show. What is the deal with this?

If you have not heard this one, it happened in Sydney, Australia at a Peter Powers hypnosis show on October 19. Same old story. Hypnotist hypnotizes skeptic. Skeptic feels bolts of lightening, itchy when triggered, and runs out of the show to chase leprechauns. At least the leprechauns is a charming touch. Apparently Chris (last name withheld from the press) ran out of the Enmore Theatre and into traffic to chase the little creatures. He says he felt terribly paranoid and confused and had reportedly run into traffic. His date to the show ended up calling him on his cell phone and this snapped him out of the hypnosis. He was on the other side of the city with no idea how he got there. This is what today's story said (see the first two articles under cited).

However, Monday's article says a little more. Powers said that he had removed the hypnosis and the man left the stage and theatre. Another audience member followed him, suspecting he was still under hypnosis. Chris was seen running through traffic and acting crazy, by police. Chris later told Powers that he had run because he thought someone was following him, which they apparently were. He had also told Powers this had frightened him. Well, yes, it might frighten me as well.

The disturbing thing is the subtle changes in two of the articles, both by Gemma Jones. Has indeed Chris changed the story and blamed it on Powers? Is the media slanting stories? So, I began wandering about leprechauns and how that got into the story. Early in the show, it was something Powers had participants do, so I think the two stories got blended.

Now as a person who tries to see the good side of things, here is the spin. Even though this seems like more bad press about hypnosis, ultimately it may not be. They do say there is no bad press. But all it really does, whether true or not, is potentially show how powerful hypnosis can be. It sort of plugs the notion of it in an awkward way, at the least the more recent articles do. The firstone really shows what may have happened. Chris got scared by being chased. Now perhaps he is trying to save face or something of the sort.

Your thoughts?

Peters Powers 'victim' speaks out
Hypnotised man flees show into path of traffic

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reward Systems

One of my weight loss clients has taken my advice on a reward system and it seems to be working for her.

Being that I believed pleasure is a way to inspire or motivate oneself as a reward for accomplishments, I usually take clients through an exercise before we begin hypnosis. In this exercise, one visualizes success in making their changes and how good it feels (or at least imagine what it would be like). Then I have them see this new image of themselves engaged in something pleasurable that utilizes components of the change. For smokers it could be something like doing a day hike on a picturesque mountain and realizing their lung capacity has increased. For nail biters, imagine having a luxurious manicure done and showing off one's finger nails the next day or buying a new ring that showcases their healthy looking nails.

Well, the client who lost the weight has just planned her "reward." She has lost ten pounds and to keep her going, she is taking a weekend trip down to St. Augustine, Florida. She wants to show her accomplishment off to her long-distance boy friend who is meeting her there on November 24 for Uptown Saturday Night on San Marco Avenue. She is looking forward to dancing in the streets, but her boyfriend collects rare books and apparently there is much in the way of incredible antique bargains. She has even bought a new dress just to stroll through the romantic Mission of Nombre de Dios.

I looked into Uptown Saturday Nights and they wonderful. Art, antiques, music, free parking at the Mission. Can't beat that. Plus there are antique workshops, opportunities to hobnob with artists, and just enjoy the ambience of the evening on this historic street. They just had one last weekend on October 27, and the next is November 24. These events are from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. I know there are a few of you reading this who may live near by, so you may want to attend these St. Augustine events. I also imagine that my weight loss group may start clamoring for a field trip to this. Hmmm. Wonder if they would allow meditation at the Mission?

Brain Health

Hot coffee. Cold me. The two go so well together. And so I don't forget...

Looking ahead at soon to arrive November, is anyone doing anything for National Memory Screening Day (it is probably mostly US related, but I think anyone anywhere should be able to participate)? It is on November 13. It might be a prime opportunity for us to in our various neck of the woods to speak to the public about hypnosis, how it can be a good tool for brain health. It is coming up quickly, so I thought it would be best to just post in now rather than in two days.

According to the Alzheimer Foundation of America, hypnosis is listed as a stress management tool, so we already have our foot in the door. They say:

It is imperative to harness chronic stress because it damages the body, emotions—and the mind. Most harmful of all, chronic stress creates overproduction of a hormone called cortisol. These elevated levels of cortisol may damage the brain cells in our memory center.

Successful stress management involves reducing depression, improving your ability to deal with stressful situations, and, most of all, utilizing techniques that elicit the relaxation response—a condition characterized by a lowered metabolic rate and a calm state of mind. Stress-relaxation techniques are a crucial component in creating a healthier brain, according to a large body of medical research.

The following approaches have been scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels by prompting the relaxation response...
Then they list meditation, guided imagery and visualization, hypnosis, deep breathing, classical music, massage and prayer.

To learn more about National Memory Screening Day, find a site to be screened at or to even host a screening, visit

Monday, October 29, 2007

More Plastic Thoughts

Yesterday I talked about cheating and if surgery was cheating anymore than hypnosis is cheating, and I came up with an emphatic "no." And once I came to that conclusion, it occurs to me that there is a whole lot hypnosis can do for those considering plastic surgery.

It could be used for self-esteem and positive image boosting, eating habits that will be effected, quicker healing, and maintaining a healthy life-style conducive to the appearance change.

So, I decided to spend a little time learning about plastic surgery today. Gemma Soames wrote a fabulous article that really captures the essence of what it is like to get plastic surgery consultations. It was on the Times Online and called Does this girl need lipo? She tells her experiences with Plastic Surgery UK (Being the Euro-phile, I tend to like the UK aesthetics and find it a little more realistic then the look-at-me-I-am-a-size-4 that infiltrate the American culture).

To sum it up, if you or your client are considering plastic surgery, you should really have an idea about what you want done before you go in for the consultation. If you do not, you may run the risk of being talked into other things and may find your self-esteem dropping even more. You will also want to see a few surgeons to get their opinion. It is not a matter of finding someone to do a procedure, there are tons of them around, but more apt, what you feel you really need done. There are so many procedures such as breast enhancement, breast enlargement, breast reduction, liposuction, body sculpting, and facial surgery. Also, make sure your surgeons are certified (if you read any of my blog, you know I am a huge fan of certification).

This was such an eye opener. I guess at times I live in a vacuum of sending clients home feeling better than when they walked in. This other side seems like the dark side if you are not careful.

Mya, who I linked to here, was sited in Gemma's article. They seemed very down to earth and actually encouraged her to try other routes to tighten up her stomach. They also suggested she look at her self-image and expectations (ding, ding, ding, great buzz word). They are located in the UK, but would it not be fun to go over there for a procedure (if you decide on it) and recuperate there.

A Positive Blogging Change

Still debating about the poll. I think it will be fear factored, but we will see.

Just wanted to let you know about a small, but cool change in this blog. There is a chance you have not noticed it, but there is a modification to the comment sections. When you leave a comment, you can now know if it has been followed up on. In the area where you check off your identity, there is now a place under that where you can add your email address and you will be automatically notified when a response if made. It may help to create more dialog between us all. Also, as far as I know, the email is not collected, so it should not add to your personal spam collection. However, I have no control over it as it is a blogspot function.

Flying Phobia

Terror lurks everywhere apparently. It comes from the monsters in the closet or under the bed, standing on the rooftop edge of a tall building, being alone on the streets in a bad section of town, or just getting on an airplane. Perhaps you have had clients who have a flying related phobia or maybe you yourself have one. Well, presto chango, hypnosis is a fine way to handle it. A relaxing session, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and you are good to go.

But, what if you have a flying phobia, are in the hospital with a critical condition and have to be transported? One of my weight loss clients has a parent in this situation. They need to move his 87-year-old mother to a healthcare establishment closer to where he lives (the commute on weekends is getting to him, he has fly in to see her). He would like his mother’s care to be closer so he could see her during the week and he feels the medical care she would receive in his city would be better than what she is getting currently.

So, the phobia kicks in. She is absolutely terrified of being coptered out. The idea of spinning blades, the noise, the construction of the helicopter are all enough to send her under the covers. He asked if I could talk to her, which I have. I am not local to her, but he thought just a telephone call might convince her to try hypnosis. No go. Seems there is a phobia there as well. But what I did learn is that her phobia is focused on the helicopter idea. When asked if she would fly on a regular airplane, she said that would be fine, but she is too sick just now.

Not one to just let it go, I looked into having her flown and it is doable (that’s right Mrs. –can’t really mention her name – no more excuses!). I had no idea, but there are air ambulance services out there for just this sort of thing. arranges medical flights internationally. They fly a variety of planes, not just puddle jumpers, and are equipped and are a licensed Medical Intensive Care unit. Nurses or paramedics travel with her or if a respiratory therapist or doctor is needed, they will also make the trip. Basically, an ambulance will take her from her current hospital to the airport runway where she will be put on her flight, and once she reaches her destination, she is taken off the flight and ambulanced to her new hospital.

Done, dealt with, over. Out.

Good Morning!

Just thought I would write a quick good morning post as the fog clears in the mind and the caffeine takes hold. For some reason the water seems hotter than usual (same stove, same tea pot). Perhaps I stayed up too late, feeding my horror movie addiction. Funny how some movies get worse with time and others just remain awesome.

Well, I am totally babbling and you are not reading this to hear about Hellraiser. Sadly, it is what is on the brain and is currently creating a small block about what the Monday Poll will be about. Perhaps we will talk about psychology or perhaps it should be related to Halloween. Not sure just yet.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Battling the Buldge with My Dancing Feet

The other thing I have going this week is my mini-session weight loss group. We are using meditation and guided imagery, but it is also beginning to feel like "pop culture" weight loss. Doesn't that sound less scary than hypnotic weight loss? I am almost kidding here.

Well, after talking with the group last week, exercise is definitely something that seems fairly absent. There is predictable moaning about the subject. It isn't fun. I don't have time. It doesn't feel good. I hate exercising alone. And so on. You get the picture.

I personally am in somewhat agreement. Running hurts my knees. There is such little time in the day. I am not dressed to exercise. Excuses, excuses, excuses. They are every where. However, I prefer my exercise in doses of fun or relaxation - I like it disguised as something else. I am faithful to Yoga and dancing. You have heard about the yoga, but probably not the dancing. I have a personal desire to get into competitive ballroom dancing (tango, thank you very much).

I am forcing this upon my poor weight loss group. Once a week, during happy hour, I am clearing my floor and cranking up the sound system. Welcome to Ellie's Very Small Dance Hall. And dance we shall. Thanks to, we can use their dance videos to learn all the right steps. Started by, they have expanded their repertoire. A little disco (do the Hustle), a little swing (it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that...), and heck, maybe even a measure of ballet (just kidding, but it is a possibility). It is step by step, world class dance instruction.

Anyway, Rumba sounds more fun than running. Salsa sounds satisfying. Waltzing maybe just wild. It will be a great way to let off steam and a few pounds without noticing the pain.


As I continue my research for my football playing client, thoughts of cheating come to mind. No, it is not what you think. I certainly will not give suggestions that he do so to get ahead in school. But the question comes about as to whether or not having improvement surgery is cheating, this includes for better eye site, weight loss, or plastic surgery. My client asked me about this and if I thought such things would be cheating.

And I realized I have been assuming a hypocritical demeanor. I have openly scoffed at liposuction and line reducing injections (I am so sorry for any offense you may be taking in reading this). But in really examining it, I find that thought line is totally wrong and hypocritical. If one choses those routes to feel better or to enhance life, then so be it. If these things were cheating, then would not hypnosis be cheating as well? It is some what on the same plan, using a tool to enhance life.

So no, I do not think hypnosis or surgery for non-medical conditions is cheating. It is the means to an end, or for personal change.

Learning about Lasik

Looking at the week ahead of me, one of my clients is a young football player who is working on a variety of things to help him ultimately do better in his studies, increasing his chances for more scholarships. He is really an interesting young man. He loves football (though I think it is the social aspects that appeal to him), and wants a career in pro-ball (via college, “just never know what life will hand you”).

One of his big concerns is his eyesight. He is extremely nearsighted. There is depth-perception distortion with his glasses and he is not that thrilled with contacts. He is considering Lasik surgery, like LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers fame. However, my client is a little phobic about it and is considering using one of his visits to work on that.

One task this weekend was to learn a little more about Lasik surgery. Being a faithful member of the NGH, I do understand the value of a great overseeing association, and sure enough there is one for Lasik called the Council of Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance ( They do evaluations and certifications, as well as provide advocacy and information sources that are heralded by papers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and well, Oprah. Choosing a surgeon who is in good standing from this organization seems as wise as find a certified hypnotist. It gives one some sort of way to know that the doctors have met specific criteria and have to keep up on their education to maintain the certification. There is also a certain amount of redress for the client if necessary.

And at least now I feel I can talk more intelligently about Lasik.

Sunday Psychology

Warm coffee. Cool morning. I am still drinking from the original pot and have yet to move onto the next. Perhaps a touch of cinnamon would be nice. Are you a flavored coffee fan or a traditionalist? No, that is not the Sunday question, but feel free to answer it.

The Sunday contemplation or question for the day is indeed one of philosophies or psychologies to be specific. After looking into Eliza yesterday and reading a tad more about Rogerian Psychology and his “client-centered” approach (gee – client centered, where have I heard that before? LOL), the question is:

In your hypnosis work, do you subscribe to any particular psychology philosophy to help you? Or if you are a client of a hypnotist, have you experienced a form of hypnosis that is based on a particular style of psychology?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


It is a typical fall Saturday afternoon. I have been swamped with holiday catalogs and a partner who is into remodeling (yikes). I have never put much stock in the aesthetics of my office bathroom, instead focusing on creating a unique and comfortable environment for my session rooms. But I think maybe, the bathroom really is important, not just the cleanliness factor but how it makes one feel.

I am reminded of a recent expedition to a doctor's office (I blogged about her acceptance of hypnosis a few weeks ago). She had just moved her office into a new building. It was well done, upscale doctor decor, but the bathroom - the bathroom was phenomenal. It was fabulously designed with an arty looking sink and faucet. It is actually nicer than my home bathroom.

So, I am also thinking faucet design now. I am totally drawn to the cleanliness of the Hansgrohe Stratos. It is completely simple, not daunting. It comes in a few finishes (brass underneath), but I am thinking along the lines of brushed Nickel for less finger prints. It seems quite affordable for the modern look. I found this one at Seems very straight forward, and I suspect my partner could even install it (since he is the one who got me into this mode).

If you cannot tell, I really hate sterile environments, but do crave professionalism. This is sometimes paradoxical.

The Esoteric Therapist

Last weekend's Esoteric Saturday subliminal software really caught on in my mind. LOL. Actually, I have been playing that software in the background of my machine since then. Not sure if it is doing any good, but there have been times when I wonder if it makes me a tad bit more aggressive - just a tad. But there are several other factors that could be contributing to that as well. I would need a therapist to help me decipher it all.

hypnotist (which we may go into at some point), she was a base-line for Speaking of therapist (do you like the segway?), I thought we would go into a blast from the past and bring out Eliza. Remember Eliza, the cyber-Rogerian psychotherapist? She was a computer program created in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum. Though she is not a cyberartificial intelligence. The program is rather simple in that she more or less just rephrases your comments into questions. She has been called a "parody."

Here is a short conversation:

Ellie: What do you think of hypnosis?

Eliza: Does that question interest you?

Ellie: Very much.

Eliza: Please go on.

Ellie: It is the most fascinating therapy ever.

Eliza: Please go on.

Ellie: Do you have any thoughts about hypnosis?

Eliza: Oh, i have any thoughts about hypnosis.

Anyway, thought she was something fun to explore. You can visit her here.

Friday, October 26, 2007

In the News - High

Today the coffee maker was reset after a short power outage. This morning the brew is dark and heavy (serving of coffee beans ground was maxed at ten and water was only six cups).

And as I am awakening much more abruptly (thank you coffee maker), it seems like the concept of adding in the random "In the News" segment is perfect.

So, lets talk about heights. Last Sunday (October 21) at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho, in Scotland, there was a pretty exciting event. The center hosted mass hypnosis for people suffering with acrophobia. Edinburgh-based Brain Train, Dawn and Gary Flockhart, did the hypnosis and NLP work. Once that was done, participants were taken 100 feet off ground level to the arena's aerial assault course. Though harnessed, volunteers had to step off the platform (remember 100 feet off the ground level) into air, then face a twisted zip-slide, not to mention an obstacle course at the end.

There were 50 volunteers aged 11 to 56. Only three of the 50 did not attempt the aerial assault challenge after a thirty minute session. Using a method that involved imagining a picture of themselves in a frightened state, these volunteers were then told to focus on the fear that they experienced with this frightened state. Suggestions were given so that they would chant "sit and float" under their breath as a reminder to remain calm.

I had hoped a few of the participants would have blogged about the experience, but I have as yet to find them. The arena says that there were several success stories that came from that day. It also looked like a few people went through with it, but their phobias were not completely gone when they did the aerial Assault .

I invite any of the participants to comment and share their story (good or bad or if any of you have stumbled onto this blog). Also, if anyone else has any comments or knowledge of the event, please feel free to also post them as well.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

To to Incorporate Subway into a Hypnosis Session

So, I sit there listening to the group discuss weight woes. The tea pot has boiled the water hot and I have offered this small group of hypno-weight loss devotees each a cup of green tea (and it is not as if I am being uncivilized, there is skim milk, lemon, honey or even pure sugarcane to top it off). Yet, here I sit, drinking my green tea black, alone, while one drinks a diet soda, one has a large litter-like, disposable, fast food beverage, one has a loaded energy drink, and one, bless her heart (and praise be) has bottled water - with saccharine flavoring.

They are bonding over their common issue - the need to lose a few pounds and honestly, if they could just watch their diet a little more and say, well, exercise every so often they would all be in great shape. Yet, these are the stereotypes who seem to come to my weight loss hypnosis programs. As they continue their struggle, and a struggle it is, it beginning to sound like a commercial for Subway. My big but comes from having a nine to five that binds me to the chair and all those fries go straight to the butt. My love handles? I love the extra burger and side order of grease on my sandwich. And if I eat cottage cheese, won't the cottage cheese on my thighs be worse, cottage cheese is a cheese after all.

I am not sure which at this point really would be more helpful to them - twenty minutes trancing out to my voice or just playing with the new Subway site. It has more rapport and commonalities with them than my skinny-legged self. As they continue to bond and share the horror stories (and when the hurricane hit, I couldn't even get a candy bar at the convenience store), I actually pull up the site.

There is the familiar drive through. There is the hysterically appropriate "Burger Town" guy to take the order. As they talk, I click on the menu for an order of "badunkadunk but" and out comes the dripping sarcasm. The group, once chatty, now becomes very quiet. I click randomly on the menu for a dish of condescension. There is actually a moment when I feel guilty. The group looks appalled, faces war torn from fad diets and exercising binges.

"What are you doing?" one of them finally ask and I turn the laptop around and show them. They crowd around, and initially after a hair raising moment, smile, then laugh. One writes down the site URL. Ice broken. Luckily, the site also offers some good advice on healthy eating and exercise. Jared is their hero and I wonder briefly about the likeliness of him coming to hang out with us.

Now they are pumped, ready to go, all committing to this program. I wonder if I really even need to give self-esteem or decreasing craving suggestions during the hypnosis or perhaps sharing the site was enough. At first, I feel a little threatened. Why come to me when there is always a Subway down the street?

Then I realize what an interesting tool it makes. The session ends. They all say they feel so relaxed and inspired. They agree that after the next meeting, they will have lunch at Subway and then go power walking in the park.

Goodbye badunkadunk but.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To Email or Mail

About a month ago, I posted about a Halloween party I was thinking of hosting for my clients. I have progressed with that and sent out snail mail invites (you know, the real invites that are tangible). I believe this is really personally and that is not a bad thing to embrace as a small business owner.

There have been a few people who mentioned that it would have been just as good to send out the invites as an email invite. I could have used an email marketing program that could handle it all, like Email Express Direct. This would have meant handling the party as a marketing campaign, which ultimately I guess it is. Rather than hand addressing the envelopes (which the intern did), I could have uploaded them into the program, created a graphically enticing message (rather than the glossy paper I used), and I could have tracked the response, as in who opened the email, who responded, and more.

I see the corporate look with the email, but I see the personal touch with the invite. Which would you have preferred to receive? Would one influence you decision to attend?

The Old No Show Routine

Last night I in indulged in a pumpkin-spiced latte (sans whipped cream). It splashed out of the cup and oddly, it was orange. I figured it would just be coffee with pumpkin-pie spice added to it. Apparently not. It is not often that I actually indulge in much other than coffee and tea, but I have been craving this for a few days and it was one of those times where one really needed to indulge in something positive.

As far as positives go, I guess when you learn something or have something reinforced this is positive in itself, but sometimes it just does not feel that way. I know you are probably thinking, "Ellie, get to the point." And you are right. Ellie has become a little lax in her intake procedures again.

What I have been doing is just scheduling appointments. I talk to people on the phone or via email, get the information I need there to outline their upcoming session. And that is that.

What happens when you do you schedule appointments this way? You get no shows.

How should it be done? Basically at the time of the phone call inquiry, when I make the appointments, I need to immediately also send the perspective client the intake form to fill out and send back before the appointment. This really cuts down on the number of no shows.

What else could help lessen the no shows? Do as the medical world does. Call a day before and confirm that the client will be there. I used to think this was like baby sitting or policing, but it is really not. In the hectic, overbooked world we live in, it never hurts to send a reminder.

Do you have any tried and true methods that help decrease the number of no shows?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Advent of Argus

Since I just did a shameless plug for my little hypnosis video for, it seems like I should tell you about one of the interesting new technologies that is being unveiled at this conference. It is called Argus (and no Anon, it is not a new camera). It is hailed as the new “disrupter” of the blogging world (I like that – disrupter) and is the brainchild of the payperpost geniuses (well, that might be a strong word as it is not out yet).

I have been trying to comprehend exactly what it is and what I believe it to be is a new interface for It has greater analytics (site statistics, rankings, and all those technical terms that sound good but I am still learning their meaning) and how bloggers and advertisers interact will be totally different. Okay, this is a little scary, but being in the business of change, change is good. Refreshing even.

Though I think they have a fine interface currently, I suspect Argus may help bring back some integrity to “paid for blogging.” As a blog reader, you read what interest you and if a blog goes on too many tangents or unrelated sales pitches and reviews, that is blog contamination hence you loose interest. And as a paid blogger this is so easy to go down that road (which I am quelling the urge currently and is why this post is not about truck detailing by the way). Argus may help target more opportunities to truly relevant blogs. It may also help the advertisers narrow their requirements to help with this.

But frankly, I hope it stills pays me enough to keep me in gourmet teas and coffees so I can blog with you in comfort.

Shameless Begging

Here is my shameless plug...if you get a chance and participate on the boards (or you can sign-up)...please vote for my little moment of creativity...and vote for my video.

To vote, click here. The voting ends on Thursday.

To see the video, click here.

The Truth and the Evolution

Today's wandering pondering is ongoing from yesterday's conversation with Michael about subliminals. You cannot but help love all this stuff we learn about the mind and consciousness. One year, one thing is true. The next it is not. Then three years later it is true again. Perhaps this is why I did not do well in science classes when I was younger. There is too much that we do not know. There seems like there is little truth and a whole lot of hypothesis (I did better when we were allowed to do our own hypothesis). And that becomes a question of - is there ever truth? For one second it could seem so, but then reality shifts and bam, what was true is no longer.

Yes, I have been reading metaphysics again, well maybe not metaphysics, but about metaphysical concepts. I just finished Carlos Constanza's Road to Ixland. And I am now beginning The Tibetan Book of the Death and Dying. How odd to find that you might be Buddhist if...But I digress.

Well, as I took my first sip of morning tea, a thought struck me about subliminals (okay tapped me, it is to early for a knock-down-drag-em-out mental conversation). The first ideas about them seemed to indicate a positive consumer response to visuals. Is it possible that indeed the old "put an image in the ice cube" type really did work well. Perhaps in those few years since then, our minds have adapted, subtly evolved? Perhaps we evolved enough for it to no longer be so effective. Now we are left with heftier tricks of subtle manipulation like the flashing of the image of a pretty girl and a one word command.

Just a thought.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bedding the Idea

The great cover-up. Literally. One of the most useful items I have in the office is a blanket. I throw it over a chair and if clients want to cover up, they can. And it always surprises me as to who actually does this. Sometimes it is the high school quarterback who wants to improve his concentration, the blue collar worker who is kicking smoking, or it could be madame CEO herself.

Always in a state of keeping the office fresh through the idea of redecorating, I have come up with another interesting concept. Since I have gone the route of digital picture frame inductions (for some), it might be fun to coordinate the images into other parts of the office, thus perhaps stimulating and reinforcing the suggestions. For instance, one of the pictures that makes a quick pass through the picture frame is now also framed in my rest room.

But what about the blanket, the cover up? This gives certain people a feeling of security, so would it not also make a great reinforce? offers such a product, the Photo Blanket . They reproduce your image onto a micro-suede fabric and the back is solar fleece (which means soft and comfy). They are machine washable and dryable.

I have to be careful thought...too many flowers might make the office too girly. I do not want the session room to look alike a teenage girl's bedroom. Perhaps a landscape might be best.

The Catch-up without Fries

Good morning! Another fine, fall morning and that is making me crave some sort of pumpkin-flavored concoction, but tea it is.

If you have not read the comments, Gloria and Kathyrn both had some good advice on receptionist verses DVD verse personal response to clients. Michael offered an interesting method of subliminals in response to the Sunday Question. Thanks!

Also, you maybe happy to learn that the client I mentioned last week with the lost key, found her key the very next day. She came in to tell me the good news. One of the suggestions I gave her after getting to the bottom of her block with the key was that when the pressure was off, she would remember where the key was. She said it was in a place she had not looked before and was very complimentary. I am just glad it all got resolved.

That is the thing about doing clinical hypnosis, often as a hypnotist you have no idea how the story works out. Do clients lose the weight? Do they stop smoking, using drugs, drinking alcohol? I believe I may have talked about this before, perhaps even making a plea for those of you working with hypnotists to actually check in and let he or she know how hypnosis is working out. The silence is often misinterpreted, I believe. I know hypnotists who use the silence as a positive indicator that the hypnosis worked and count those clients as successes. Then I know some who do not credit it at all because maybe the client is just fed up, feels taken advantage of, or it is no longer important to the client. Which do you think is true?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sunday Subliminal Question

Did you try out the subliminal software?

No, that is actually not the Sunday question. But, you guessed it, I am going to have the question relate to Esoteric Saturday.

Here goes:

What are your thoughts about using subliminals? Do you use them for hypnosis or on their own? What is your experience?

Again, I shan't ramble about this (for I have not really utilized them in my practice) and will hope you will respond.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Esoteric Subliminals

So which camp do you follow - subliminals work or subliminals do not work? Perhaps you have read the information that audible subliminals are a fallacy? Perhaps you believe visual one's work?

There are many who believe subliminals a wonderful tool for creating change.

Therefore it seems most appropriate to feature a subliminal computer program in an esoteric Saturday posting. This becomes a little more difficult because I am a Mac person, so it seems essential to feature one that would work for regular PCs and Macs. I persevered, though.

The software is called Subliminal Message from Custom Solutions of Maryland and it is a free program. I downloaded it before writing this just to get a feel for it. On the Mac, it runs in the background...even as I type this, every now and them I perceived a bit of a flash. I see the flash because it has a user interface that allows one to set the darkness level and the speed of which it flashes. So I have it where I can see it at the moment. The interesting thing is that it lets you set your own suggestions as text or images.

To learn more about this or to download it, visit Please keep in mind that this is freeware, which means that the creator is giving it away just for the sake of it. To encourage these kind souls continue their work, please consider making a donation to the software creator.

If anyone tries this on a PC operating system and would like to comment on how it works with that, it would be appreciated, as would any comments!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Muddling Through Software

Perhaps you have noticed when I am not blogging about hypnosis, I am blogging about the business side of it (oh now, don't be sarcastic. LOL). I think this is often a side that is not thought about and it so should be. If you decide to become a hypnotist professionally or plan to grow your business, it is inescapable. And for every workshop, class, certified training you experience to be a better hypnotist, I almost think you should spend an equal amount of time learning how to run a business.

Training. A valuable word. The more you know, the better you can be...maybe. Unlike hypnosis, though, business systems and software are constantly changing. It seems the more you become aware of what is out there (and the faster it is upgraded), it can all just become a complete muddle. You can spend hours, valuable hours when you could be reading a new NLP book, learning various software instead. According to Contemporary (the Business Intelligence People) rather than wasting time inanely choosing software (say based on price or convenience - as in Staples has it available), it is truly good to understand your business needs first. Their research indicates that by receiving proper Business Intelligence Training, you will get more return from your decisions. That makes sense. They offer classes in the UK, but also offer a eLearning that can be done anywhere.

Are you wondering why you might need such training? Well, some knowledge of databases might be helpful in retaining client information and contact information. Then there are documents such as a Client Bill of Rights, Privacy Statements, Contracts, newsletters, etc. Okay and there is always scheduling and confirming appointments. If you have good software applications and the knowledge of how they work, this can be a real time saver. Basically they can help you decipher the muddle of information and learn what you really need to make your business enterprise smoother and less time consuming.

A Conversation with a Doctor

A few days ago I had an annual doctor's appointment (it went well, so no horror or sad stories about to enter into the mix here). As usual, the doctor asked me how the hypnosis business was going and I told her it was just fine. Then she told me something that deeply pleased me, but startled me as well.

First, you have to understand that my practice is amongst the area of the Bible Belt in the US. This means that sometimes telling people you are a hypnotist becomes a challenge, as does marketing. There area is transient enough that there are several open minds around, which is a very good thing. So slowly but surely hypnosis is being more accepted. I already work with a few doctors, but it was after nurturing the relationships (a lot). There are still several doctors in my area who know little about it and do not want to learn more.

So, I was a little taken a back when my gynecologist mentioned that she wished she was younger so that she could go back to school and learn a combination of acupuncture and hypnosis to help women have an easier time during labor. Her medical internship was in the New England area, and one of the doctor's she studied under used the combination. She said it was amazing the difference between birthing experiences the women who used traditional methods verses acupuncture and hypnosis.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Tale of a Recent Client

Way back, I agreed to keep my hypnosis practice as transparent as possible as a way to create open dialogue with other practitioners, people who are interested in the daily operations of running a hypnosis practice and for clients to know more about hypnosis. It has proven to be a fairly interesting concept (and I have enjoyed blogging with you all). However, there are times when it gets a little complicated. These are times when I am rushing about or my day was no perfect. But an agreement is an agreement.

Recently I had a client come to me for regression work to locate a missing key to her aunt's car. Her husband called to make the appointment. He was a little sketchy with the details and I assumed it was the normal cannot find the keys issue. Silly inference on my part. There is no normal. Normal is a baseline average.

So I met with her. The keys simply were not lost. She had put them away somewhere where her aunt would not find them. Her aunt was involved in drugs and is currently serving a bit of a lengthy jail term. The keys were originally hidden so that the aunt would be forced to stay with family members and change her ways. And now that the aunt is incarcerated, the husband of my client wants her to remember where the keys are so that they can move the car out of the garage.

Well, we did fine at first. Then it appeared that there was a block when it came to the keys. We deepened the hypnosis and tried several methods to get around the block. No go. No keys. So we went in search of what was going on with the block. It turns out that she has lost all trust of her aunt and is tired of the turmoil. The keys will not surface until the trust is regained.

The client was okay with this and felt she understood herself a lot more. Her husband, sadly, was not as happy. The car is blocking some of his sports equipment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maybe a Receptionist Would Be Nice?

Well, the intern caught up with reading the blog and is now giving me a hard time about the post I did about getting a portable DVD player to use as a pre-talk. She thinks it is horrible idea. In her words, "It's not real." Hmmm.

So rather than saying, "Real? I'll give you real," I asked, "What is your suggestion?"

Now she seems to think I should suck it up and take the plunge. "Hire a receptionist," she said.

I asked if she had read my blog and noted where I said I was not quite ready for it. She said I was just being unrealistic. She said a receptionist would give credibility to the office. A receptionist could do the pre-talk. Yeah, and she could do the hypnosis as well...and who said she? Why not a he?

But I digress in my pithy panic.

By the end of the day she sent me a link to Trovix Recruit, among others. She said it would be timely for me to look into their service, just put the whole thing in their hands, or that of their intelligent website services. It is tempting to say the least, but of course I know I am not ready for a head hunter. But as my intern explained, Trovix Recruit is Internet based, sort of like putting out a job posting to one source and getting a lot more for the bang. It is a full
applicant tracking system, which means you can get feedback on potential candidates from different recruiting managers and you can track everything online from the job posting to the interview/hiring process.

So, it is in the thought process. We will see. We will see. Again, any thoughts are welcome or even advice.

More Positive Numbers for Hypnosis

Last week while looking for information and statistics about hypnosis and breast cancer, I came across another study done in 2004. This one involved children undergoing cancer surgery and their pain levels.

Though I am still trying to find the original study information, including where it was done, this information came from a review by Linda A. Vrooman at taken from Cancer Online in September 2004.

There was research done to substantiate the role of hypnosis in prolonging life of those with cancer. One study specifically looked at how pain was perceived by children and the affects of hypnosis on this perception. Apparently 80 children participated. They were broken up into four groups, two of which consisted of experiencing an anesthetic and hypnosis during various procedures. The other two groups received an an anesthetic and counseling. The groups who used hypnosis experienced much less pain then the other groups, based on their response to how much pain they suffered using a scale of zero to five.

Again, I am still looking for the study this review is from, but thought it would be good to infuse a little good news after the debauchery we suffered yesterday with the showbiz hypnosis. If you know of the source of the cancer study, please share it here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To Explain or to Video the Pre-talk - The Crux of the Portable DVD Player

My 200th post on this blog. Wow. That is a lot of writing and a lot of reading. For those of you who are still with me, thanks for hanging in there!

Today, I am pondering the client experience. I am in a quandary. Some hypnotists believe it is better to meet the client the moment they walk through the door and escort them through the entire process from intake, to pre-talk, and through the session. There are other hypnotists who have a waiting room, receptionist and an assistant who does the pre-talk, then directs the client into the session with the hypnotist. Then there are those who greet the client and after having the client fill out the intake, show a video that explains the hypnotic process, the hypnotist's philosophy, answers general questions and addresses mythology. Then the session begins.

Well, I am definitely the first type. Many times I would like to be the second, but I am not quite ready for that yet. And now I am contemplating becoming the third type.

I have been reluctant to do this because I have not wanted to have a television in my space. I hate the way they look. I know I could put it in an armoire to hide it, but that seems like a lot of hassle (and not to mention heavy). So a potential solution would be to get a portable DVD player. It could live in a storage unit and be taken out just for the introduction. This would be real handy when there are multiple people in the office. I could set it up in a different room easily enough. However, the size of the screen could be an issue. Well, offers a portable 10 inch DVD player that seems like a decent size. It is actually made for use in vehicles (which might be a nice bonus in my personal life when traveling and such), so it has rechargeable batteries that last four hours or can use a car lighter to run it. Other things that it includes are a TV-tuner (Mythbusters watch out) and can play DivX formats (compressed files). It will also play video from a USB flash drive. Pretty versatile.

Now the question is, do I use it in my pre-talk or not? Any thoughts or experiences?

In the News

Good morning! No green tea today, back to black. And as I sit contemplating the first (and maybe only, we will see) post of the day, I think I will start a segment to the blog called In the News.

When I first saw the headline, I clicked on it. I believe I saw it sometime during the weekend, but the link had an error and I could not find the story. It surfaced today. From The Desert Morning News in Utah comes "Hypnotist's show in Logan sends girl to the hospital." It is by a young man names Ben Winslow. He presents the facts:

  • There was a hypnotism show at a high school
  • A local policeman was at the school for another event.
  • He saw a 17 year-old girl being taken out of the school on a gurney.
  • He said she was hyperventilating and very panicky.
  • He also said the hypnotist was in the audience trying to get other people out of a state of hypnosis.
  • Police said other young women had difficulty coming out of hypnosis.

For those who have any notion of the hypnotic process, you are probably thinking something along the lines of "eeek" and maybe even feeling a slightly acidic sensation in the stomach region. For those not experience or with little knowledge of hypnosis, you are probably thinking that this article may have some credibility. Don't.

If you actually click on the link to the story and read it, be sure to read all the comments as well. They are infinitely more interesting. Though I will come to the writer's defense. Yes, the article lacks a lot of information, the name of the hypnotist, what suggestion he/she had given to cause the girl to hyperventilate and be panicky (for if she was still in hypnosis, she would still be acting on that suggestion), and what happened to the girl. But, this story, like so many, is a quick once over of a situation. I suspect that the writer had little knowledge of hypnosis or was doing the journalistic thing of just providing the facts that he was able to gather quickly. So, as for the article being a hoax. I doubt that.

So then what is it? This is one of my greatest fears about doing stage hypnosis, especially in regards to a high school-aged crowd - the fear of having a participant who wants extra attention and feigns not being about to come out of the hypnotic state. Notice the word 'feigns.' She could have done so for the attention alone, not realizing that what she did had no creditability, could ruin the poor hypnotist (my heart goes out to that person), and set the hypnosis profession back a bit in the eyes of certain public. Or worse, maybe she did know all this, maybe it was a plot, but for now I am taking off my conspiracy theory hat.

And here is another thought, maybe it was not that she was stuck in a state of hypnosis, but had problems with how she acted during the show. Perhaps she was embarrassed, or had some odd revelation that distressed her, or anything of that nature. The all knowing "THEY" say that hypnotists should not work with people who have certain mental issues, like schizophrenia, unless the hypnotist has a background (and often licence in psychology). How is a stage hypnotist to know who or what he or she is dealing with in choosing volunteers from an unknown crowd?

Any thoughts?

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Green Resource

Since we are on the green topic today, it is always good to have resources available for those who are making lifestyle choices. A lot of times when people hear the words "green," "organic," or "environmental friendly," dollar signs appear in the thought process. but there are ways to make this typeof life-style more affordable.

The resource I have in mind to make purchasing these items is actually a guide to North Carolina nature, entertainment and culture, called, which has
Coupon Codes for merchant coupons to several main stream companies, but often these companies feature green products. When you click on a link from their page and purchase a product, receives a small referral fee. The way it works is that you find a merchant you like and click on the link. Before the site redirects you to the store, you are given a coupon code. You will need to write it down and use it at the end of your purchase transaction.

There are a couple of sites that do offer environmentally friendly products. One is Sephora, a make-up and beauty product company that has an ecco-friendly line. By clicking on the link, you will be shown Sephora coupons. Also, Zappos coupons can also be found on the site. Zappos offers several shoe brands, such as Earth shoes, that are environmentally friendly. Both of these examples are also products that are health friendly as well, in the sense that the products themselves can make you feel good.

The Greening of Hypnosis

Today is the day. Happy Blog Action Day. I am even drinking green tea to be a little greener.

The theme is environmental issues. So, the question becomes, how can hypnosis positively impact the environment.

So here goes.

How Hypnosis Can Impact the Environment in a Positive Way

  • Helping people to quit smoking.
    • Less toxic pollutants in the air.
    • Less cigarette buts leaving their long-term disintegration in the earth itself.
    • Less packaging waste.
  • Helping people to adapt a healthier diet of natural foods
    • More fresh vegetables means less packaging waste for the environment.
    • The waste are biodegradable and better for the earth itself.
  • Helping make the habit change to living greener.
    • By helping people to change lifestyle habits, the environment can benefit.
    • These habits could include being more conscious of energy used for lighting and temperature control.
    • It could help people become more recycling conscious.
    • It could help people become more waste conscious.
If you would like to add to this list, please use the comment section. I am sure there are more.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Heavy Question for Sunday

Mmmmm. I am indulging in fresh whipped cream in my coffee (the kind you beat yourself with no sugar).

So, as I am adding the caloric intake to my drink, I think we will settle on weight loss hypnosis this Sunday.

Here's the question:

What has been the most helpful and successful way (suggestions, duel modalities, etc.) to lose and keep off weight that you have found in your life and/or practice? Was it suggestions given during hypnosis, sheer will power, drinking more water, exercising more, lifestyle changes or something like sleeping better?

I will let you answer this one. You can talk about hypnosis successes and not so successful instances or anything related.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Esoteric Celebrity Weight Loss

Good morning! Coffee, coffee, coffee. So, let's see. I think today we will address the trivial news side of hypnosis. That is not really being fair, it is not trivial to the person involved, and its been a nice thumbs up for hypnosis.

I am talking about Lily Allen's recent jaunt from a size 12 to size eight using hypnosis. Not familiar with the creative compositions of Ms. Allen? Well, I cannot leave you wondering...

According to the in their article How Stars Turn To Hypnosis And Other Diet Techniques Lily paid £300 an hour for hypnotic suggestions to increase her desire to exercise. If she does not exercise, she feels bad.

So, kudos to Lily!

The article also features some other ways in which celebrities engage in weight loss. The purple diet...hmmm....

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Rewards of Being Part of the Blogger Community

I know, I know. This is quite a bit later than I normally post. But I am taking today easy, tyring to get past a cold or sinus infection.

What I have done with my time is participate in the blogger community. PostieCon is coming up in Vegas (now would be a great time to start blogging Paul, being that you are out there) and so are the Blogger's Choice Awards. Rosie O'Donnell and Ross Matthews (Jay Leno's intern) are both up for Best Celebrity Blogger. The people behind the awards have asked bloggers to participate in trying to recruit both of them to attend the Awards by creating video promotions to entice them.

I decided it would be fun to do a hypnosis related one and so I shall share it with you...

So, I did I entice you to attend? It sounds this conference sounds like a lot of fun. They have some great speakers coming to PostieCon and well, the Blogger's Choice Awards should be a hoot. There is a lot about creating a better blog, making more money blogging, gizmos, widgets and gadgets, plus the opportunity to hang with other bloggers. I can see the cell phones out and ready for those who blog that way.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now Get Ready for Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Another allergy ridden morning. Have any of you had any luck with chiropractors and relief of allergies? I have heard this is a potentially wonderful side effect?

Gosh, I cannot even taste the tea this morning.

Well, World Mental Health Day went well yesterday. Did anyone do anything for that? I enjoyed it so much, that I have decided to embrace such things. This coming Monday is Blog Action Day, and since I am an active blogger, I feel I should participate in some way. The theme for this inogrial year is issues with the environment. So, do check back on Monday to see how the transparent hypnotist deals with it.

If you are participating, please let us all know. Use the comment space here to list your blog, even if it is not specifically hypnosis related, but is a sister modality, alternative health, health in general, or you just read this blog. Also, if you do not have a blog, but want to participate on this blog, I invite you to contribute an article that pertains to the theme. Email it to me and I will post it on Monday (and of course I will give you tons of credit and a link to your site).

I like the themes of these events this year, the idea of uniting to make change. It is an old concept, but one truly worth keeping around. Maybe we can do something...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

World Mental Health Day

So, today is the day - World Mental Health Day. While I have been having my tea, I looked up some information on hypnosis and mental health. It seems like citing a few ways hypnosis is valuable to the realm of mental heath would be relevant to the topic.

Jeffrey W. Braunstein wrote a marvelous article called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Rape Victims: A Review of Cognitive-Behavioral & Hypnotic Treatment Approaches. The article describes PTSD, defines it and states how effective hypnosis can be for helping those who suffer from it.

Treatment for rape induced PTSD includes both psychotherapy in conjunction with hypnosis. During hypnosis, the patient summons the memory of the event and relives the trauma. This is known as "abreaction". The reliving while under suggestion allows the patient to discuss the rape verbally and discharge the emotions that cannot be released during the normal state of consciousness. Ebert (1988) reported that hypnotic suggestion can also be used to help patients sleep better. This aids in restoring some of the lost everyday functioning typically experienced by PTSD patients due to sleep disturbances.

Hypnosis also enables the therapist to change the recollections of terror, anxiety, and helplessness that are associated with the specific symptoms. While under hypnotic suggestion, the therapist can instead associate the symptoms with safer thoughts such as relaxation, confidence, and control. This allows the patient to recall the memory during normal consciousness. This enables the victim to deal with the memory and not avoid it, thus allowing them to express the emotions, discuss the event and conquer the trauma. According to Peebles (1989) the more active of a role a therapist takes in guiding the patient through the reliving of the rape, the greater the ability that the therapist has in changing the emotions associated with the trauma and allowing for easier and more manageable recall. Peebles (1989) quoting Freud and Bruer (1895/1955) stated that "each individual hysterical symptom immediately and permanently disappeared when we had succeeded in bringing clearly to light the meaning of the event by which it was provoked." (Peebles, 1989, p.201). Peebles (1989) stated "as verbal labels for her memories were provided in the abreaction, the patient no longer had the need for bodily symptoms for memory communication." (Peebles, 1989, p. 202).

Also according to an abstract from an article in International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, called Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Depression: An Empirical Investigation, cognitive hypnosis was effective in helping those suffering from depression. Using a base of 86 participants, they were assigned to either 16 weeks of cognitive hypnotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. Using the Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, and Beck Hopelessness Scale, the hypnosis group came out with higher changes.

Effect size calculations showed that the CH group produced 6%, 5%, and 8% greater reduction in depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, respectively, over and above the CBT group. The effect size was maintained at 6-month and 12-month follow-ups.
Just a few nice things to put in our minds.

Special thanks to Jeffrey W. Braunstein, who gave me permission to quote and cite his article. Please visit his web site at

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Plan

Ah, so I am settling in for the evening and getting ready for tomorrow. I am not exactly celebrating World Mental Health Day, but I am doing a guided visualization session. I had had another planned, but have changed it in honor of the day. As you may know if you have been reading this blog, one of my big philosophies is to have a plan. It can allow for a certain amount of impromptuness, but it is good to know your options in advance, and planning is what brings about change. For the visualization I believe my focus will be on creating a plan for peace, for being peaceful in a way that one may not have explored before.

This all came to fruition earlier today when a client was stressing over the idea of buying a house, or more apt the mortgage process. I agree that mortgages can seem a bit evil in their way - lots of paper trails, financial words, and big numbers. We are working with some self-hypnosis techniques (auto-suggestion) to turn this event into a positive one rather than the tiresome one it has been.

In brainstorming about this over tea, the only thing I could really offer was to learn as much about home loans and mortgage rates as possible. There are several types including fixed mortgages (one rate paid monthly over a specific period of time, i.e. 15, 30, or 60 years), and then within this there are conforming loans and non-conforming loans. It gets tad complicated here. There are also adjustable rate mortgages (ARM - where the rate remains the same for a certain period of time and then the rate fluctuates depending on the economic index - what?). These are just the basics. But, if you know about them, you can, you guessed it - plan. A reference for these is at They explain all this in more detail, plus offer advise depending upon your location. There are also mortgage calculators available on the site to give you an idea what you might pay in various situations.

So, plan, plan and plan or another way of looking at it is to set the intention. Set the intention to know enough about, say, mortgages to understand what a mortgage broker or real estate agent should tell you. Less stress. Better life.

Are You Ready for World Mental Health Day?

A quick perusal of my favorite blogs this morning brought up something that had almost past me (and maybe you) by. According to Kathryn at Limes & Lycopene tomorrow is World Mental Health Day. This is a project by the World Federation for Mental Health and apparently involves 150 countries. The theme is Mental Health in a Changing World: The Impact of Culture and Diversity.

Since I just found out about this, it is probably a little late in the game to do much other than create an awareness about this annual event. Are any of you out there doing anything for this day? It seems like the hypnosis community should be part of these activities. If you are, please feel free to gab about them in the comment section.

The UK seems rather aware of this event and Britain's World Health Foundation offers some good advice on dealing with the anxiety on the topic of world concerns. They also have some investing statistics.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Out and In

Today I had an opportunity to have coffee with a hypnotist friend of mine who is finally making the big switch. That is right, she is moving her part-time practice out of her garage and into a spa. Pretty nice for her and much easier than running a business in a solo way.

She says her husband is elated because he will get the garage back. So, I started thinking about how many of us have at one time or another sacrificed the garage to our various professions or spouses' professions. And I have to wonder, how many of us presently actually use the garage for the automobile members of our families.

I guess mine is still not really relegated to the car. And though I do not see clients there, it still is somewhat of a consciousness room. I do yoga there. I meditate there. And it is my make shift recording studio. No cats or humans, just drips and drabs of equipment, a comfy chair, and me. Oh, and a coffee maker.

It seems like garages are one of the most flexible spaces one can have. I can see why my friend's husband is happy to have the space back. She is also buying him a celebratory red work bench and cabinets. Wonder if she will use That should look nice with the parquet floors from the office. Not sure it is what he has in mind, but it sounds lovely to my female aesthetic.

So, the question is, how many of you use your garage for your businesses?

Interesting Days in the Month

Good grief, October has arrived with a buzz of scheduling. It seems to be a most popular month for a variety of causes. These causes affect us in the hypnotism world, because there are lots of way we can help work toward the causes or that those who are the cause can utilize hypnosis. For those of which I become aware, I will keep you posted. I feel they should be acknowledged.

As mentioned earlier this is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also Lupus Awareness Month, Celiac Disease Awareness Month, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and October 11 is National Coming Out Day. There are many more, and this list is mainly for United states supported causes.

If you would like to add to this list please do.

More Ideas for Long-term Planning

Last week I discussed a client who is trying to lessen his anxiety and paranoia. My task was to help him find some resources for dealing with long-term health care for himself and create an emergency kit. One thing he also asked me about that fits in with both of these is the idea about taking out life insurance. Now this is totally outside my realm, so I recommended that he research it himself and then if he wanted to talk about it more, we could do so.

I thought this would be simple and almost let it go. Second thoughts made me sit back down and look it up. It is a bit more complicated than I thought. Apparently, it is not a matter of just paying a monthly amount and then you are done. You have to chose between whole life insurance, term life insurance, universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance, to just name a few. Okay, we are now way out of my comfort zone. But I did find some helpful articles to help distinguish the different types at, which also offers free insurance quotes to give you an idea of what it all cost. But again, there is no substitute for speaking with someone who knows the ins and outs like an insurance agent.

It makes a lot of sense to add this to the roster of plans for what to do during the unthinkable (whatever that may be for you). Life insurance is a way to help take care of those you may leave behind or clear up personal debts so no one else has to be responsible for them after you are gone. But do the reading on it all. There are various ways to go about this.

Hypnosis and Breast Cancer - The Proof

Do you ever have Mondays when you feel like it much surely be Wednesday? I have not been awake for long, but it feels like the middle of the week. More tea for me.

And it is hard to believe that it is October and has been so for a little while. Are any of you out there doing anything specific for Breast Cancer Awareness month? I am still compiling my thoughts on it, and though this is last month's news, if you have not heard about the study on hypnosis and breast cancer, than read on. This is very positive for both hypnosis and those suffering from breast cancer, and going out on a nice sturdy limb, any one who is about to undergo surgery.

On August 28, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute substantiated hypnotists claims that hypnosis, prior to breast cancer surgery has a few benefits. These include reduced amounts of anesthesia needed during the procedures and lessened the amount of pain endured after the procedure, as well as the amount of recovery time and the cost of it. Hypnosis helps the later by also reducing the need for medications after the surgery.

Here are the details:

  • Dr. Guy Montgomery of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York) and colleagues conducted the clinical trial.
  • The trail was to research the effects of hypnosis given within one hour before surgery.
  • 200 women participated.
  • The control group was given 15 minutes to talk to a psychologist.
  • The test group was given 15 minutes of hypnosis.
  • The hypnosis consisted of suggestions for relaxation, guided visualization, pain reduction, nausea reduction, and fatigue reduction. These participants also received instruction on self-hypnosis.
  • The use of pain medications and sedatives during surgery, as well as pain levels and side effects were monitored.
  • Results: The test (hypnosis) group needed less anesthesia and reported less pain and side effects after the procedure. An average of 11 minutes was shaved off of their time in surgery and medical costs were reduced by about $733 per patient (mainly from needing less time in surgery).

Science Daily

Friday, October 5, 2007

A Mini-vacation

Now I am truly ready to be done for the week. I am heading out for the weekend and therefore will not be posting Esoteric Saturday or The Sunday Question. I will be back with bells on come Monday, though.

A speaker I once heard had an interesting philosophy and that was to pick a location that you want to go to and immerse yourself in the details that it would take to create a paid vacation there - i.e. do group hypnosis programs, etc. And I am in the process of doing this for London (watch out you UK hypno types).


I now also have a yearning to try the Mexican Rivera Maya for a Mexico Vacation. There is a small hotel collection there called Karisma Hotels (Greek for "divine favor") that sound completely enticing. Maybe I am just really tired right now, but napping on a beach bed, feeling the curtains blowing across my slightly-tanned body (this would be after a few days of being there and continuing the sun screen) sounds just about perfect. On the other hand their gourmet experience probably would cause some weight gain due to eating foods that entice the senses. A sensual experience is how it is phrased. They have different types of resorts, two that are adult only (sorry kids, but huge thank you Karisma), one family oriented one, one naturalist one, and one that I would hold out for - Azure Blue, which is slated to open in November. It is being touted as the world's first "stress free" hotel. I would love to know how they plan to do this. Supposedly, each room comes with a butler, Italian sheets on the bed, spa services, and meditation classes. How wonderful it would be to be on the side of the relaxation world and enjoy it as a guest. It sounds like you could actually stay there without being involved with other humans (for some, like me today, a great way to de-stress), except for the butler. Do you think they give out personality test before you arrive to match a suitable butler up with you?

But today, this sounds just perfect, weight gain or not.

Have a great weekend!

Conversion Tactics

It has been a good day all in all and now I can breathe for a moment. The coffee is good.

Earlier I posted about Dick Sutphen's view of brain washing and how certain churches use specific methods to relay their messages. Like Dr. Singer's seven tactics to create mind control, Dick Sutphen has six conversion tactics.

Conversion tactic 1: Meetings are held in places where participants have no contact with the outer world. Everything is regulated by those in charge included eating and using the bathroom. This creates tension. Also in tactic one, Sutphen offers another piece of information that should perhaps be a tactic to itself. It is the idea of keeping an "agreement." Participants vow or are bullied into vowing they will keep their agreements. Then they agree to finish the training, etc.

Conversion tactic 2: This I think could be part of tactic 1. It is the idea that the schedule is one that creates fatigue, both mentally and physically. There is no opportunity for reflection or relaxation.

Conversion tactic 3: Tension is increased

Conversion tactic 4: An element of uncertainty is created, often by putting people on the spot.

Conversion tactic 5: Words are then used that are often not really known by the participants. This is similar to insider information, using words the the elite know and use. Mean spirited language may also be used.

Conversion tactic 6: There is no joy until the conversion happens. Once there are signs that this has happened then humor may come into play.

I am a little vague on some of these because Sutphen does a great job disseminating all this and more. I also do not want anyone to think I am giving instructions for brain washing. It is merely good to know how things work. It gives you more of a choice at various times.

Interestingly enough, I noticed yesterday that Moira Noonan who I quoted yesterday in the posting about the Catholic Church's stance on hypnosis, was at one time very active in the New Age Thought Movement and was a hypnotist. Later, she completely admits to having several "conversion experiences" and renounced her New Age Ways. I find all this relates. Did she experience the conversion tactics mentioned above? What is real with her and what is not?

Click here to read Dick Sutphen's Article.

A Not So Paranoid Plan

I have been looking at my file notes on the client I mentioned yesterday who has paranoia issues. One of the other topics that he mentions often is one that affects us all and that is the idea of what happens to us when we get to a point where we may not be able to take care of ourselves. Who will take care of us? What will become of us? How will we survive?

And I think he may be right to worry. Perhaps worry is not the right idea, though. Maybe the worry should be turned into something productive like long-term planning for the future. There are so many horror stories about state run nursing homes, or perhaps just the idea of not staying in your own home is daunting enough that having a plan about some sort of custodial-care seems like it could ease the mind.

Currently there is “The Own Your Future” Long-Term Care Awareness Campaign that is providing information about options and planning for the potential that you will need extra help just going about the daily routine (someone to make me coffee or tea each morning...there is a positive slant). It is a joint effort between Federal and state governments. Information is also available from companies such as
National Health Administrators through their web site (long term care). There is a lot of information on the site that goes through the basics of what long-term care actually means and how to plan for a time when independent living may be a challenge, although there maybe be ways to remain independent. It also gives a notion about what health and disability insurance provide (or do notprovide in many cases), as well as information about Medicare and Medicaid.

It really is hard to think of a time when life will be so changed that this will even be an issue. I may be at the opposite end than where my client is at, but I suspect after creating a game plan, he will sleep better and I will be cared for in later life. Not a bad thing.

Conversion - Part I

Dick Sutphen

It is a tea day.

And as I wait for a last batch of laundry to finish before heading out, what a fitting background to discuss brain washing. Yesterday we discussed coercion just a bit - serious mind manipulation to force one to do things against their will. Then there is conversion. Dick Sutphen uses this word to define brain washing, especially of the religious variety. He points out that conversion and hypnosis are two different things, though they can be used together powerfully.

Sutphen thoroughly dissects revival brain washing techniques and they do have some elements of hypnosis. Starting out, the stage is set and ready before the first person enters. It has much to do with the music, which usually has a rhythm rate of 45 to 72 rhythm beats per minute. This rhythm, like that of the human heart can create an open state of changed consciousness such as that of alpha. This also becomes a conditioned response, which is repeated at each service. (In alpha, people have a heightened suggestibility rate). Then the officiating religious figure will speak using a voice roll, this is the same one many hypnotist use during inductions, often monotoned and repetitive. There is a build up process to increase expectations and excitement. There may be examples of others being "called by the Spirit" or something dramatic. And rather smartly, the collection plate is passed around (while someone in the background repetitively says things like"Give to God"). Soon after, the famous Hell and Damnation preacher begins his part, creating fear and/or excitement. People testify as to the spiritual influence of their beliefs, a healing session is opened and some actually experience healing (much like hypnosis).

I have never actually seen a revival dissected before, but it is fascinating.

Well, I must break for a little while. Stay tuned...

This post is based on Dick Sutphen's The Battle for Your Mind.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Emergency Paranoia

I am still here online, and have gone back to work, getting ready for tomorrow. Sadly, I have had to put up my mind control hat away for a little while and focus on a client. That is what it is all about, is it not?

I have a really interesting fellow coming in who suffers from various forms of paranoia. Along with a psychologist, we are devising a series of systems for him to ease his mind. After working with him last week, he came to a resolution through client-based hypnosis that one way he could find relief would be to have his life ready to "up and go" if he needed. so, he wants to create an emergency kit.

That means I have been researching these a bit trying to get a few ideas of what should go in one and resources for such items. Most can be found anywhere, I would say, but this is a person who does better shopping online.

I have been looking at They offer a special section on emergency kits. That has been a great help in compiling a list. So, I could not help notice the site itself. If you have an illness or disease, you can search under that condition, or if you prefer categories or brand, it does that as well. When they first started out in 1996, they mainly sold medical equipment and home health care supplies. Two years later, they began selling mainstream retail products that are related, such as fitness equipment, maternity supplies, and more.

The site has also been informative with offering things like product guides, and for people like my client, the site also offers auto-re-orders. This is just one of those overall good sites for learning about various products. So often clients will come in and talk about their conditions and what they use, and I am clueless, but now I can just look up the product and get a feel for what they are talking about. has 55,000 products organized in several ways, surely this is a good median point for referencing specific medical items.

So, now I am ever so much more educated about emergency kits and potential items for such things...and I know where to find them. I am ready.

A Bone to Pick

Now I am confused. I had always thought the Catholic Church accepted hypnosis (wasn't that back in '54?). So now I find that they do not have an official stance. According to one of their publications they warn their flock against the abuse of magnetism and hypnotism, but "want to leave the way free for science." Okay, they really are not panning hypnosis, but warning against the abuse of it (abuse - as in they cannot say bad things about it or not to over indulge?). LOL.

I am off on this jag because I just read an article on, the Diocesan News called Church has no stance on hypnotism, but urges all to beware of abuses. This is by Susan Brinkmann. She gives a history and a definition from the Britannica
(which sounds like it was written by L. Ron Hubbard). Then she goes after past life regression. Well, I believe everyone is allowed their opinions and we have gone over this. She quotes Moira Noonan (interesting person), which may have to be a whole different discussion (the concept of Ms.Noonan, I mean).

Now, it has been said that I may be perpetrating myths about hypnosis by discussing mind control,but this is blatant...Here is the quote:

“Not all forms of hypnotherapy are dangerous …,” Noonan continues. “What makes it risky is that a person under hypnosis has surrendered his will and is utterly open to suggestion. So you must know the background and belief system and training of anyone who provides you with hypnosis therapies.”

You know the part I am railing against - the surrender of will. But I will say I do agree on some level with her last statement. I think that is part of gaining rapport.

Just thought I would share what the Catholics (and people like me) are reading...

The Mind and Social Ecommerce

In looking up mind control and hypnosis references, I came across an interesting site. It is actually a sales site called, virtual shopping. But before I digress on that topic, the interesting item that came up on that site was a video interview with hypnotist Steve Jones. I am not sure where the news show was located, but they did a good job showing hypnosis in a positive way. They asked him about hypnosis myths and he dutifully replied about the mind control myth and how a person undergoing hypnosis is not a zombie, controlled by the hypnotist. Bravo!

Ultimately this video is selling his latest book Basic Hypnotherapy for Professionals. What a fabulous idea, though. He is one of many businesses on the site, but what a great idea. Rather than just having another price comparison site (which I am always a sucker for), it actually makes the shopping experience a little more personal. There are blogs (my other weakness), reviews, and videos, whatever the business selling the product wants to put up. Yes, it is blatant marketing, but at least it is not all just a refined blurb about products. It gives the company opportunities to not only sell, but also to educate consumers (i.e. Steve Jones) and gives costumers more information and an interactive environment with multimedia (if they chose). There are product chats, WebTV, again – blogs, and an opportunity to relate experiences. Not bad for a shopping site.

Click here to join the fun!

Here is their recent Press Release:

(September 26, 2007) Savannah, GA – is the one-stop virtual social community for everyone! The website is brand new and already has thousands of merchants featuring over 2 million products, services, and real estate listings! is the only shopping site to provide services, such as medical, health and wellness, and financial services. Check out the Auction Site for deeply discounted products! While shopping is’s main focus, there is so much more! There is also live WebTV, video and text blogging, and live chat features. has made online shopping a social activity. What a fun and exciting way to shop!

Every day millions of consumers fulfill their shopping needs at They can search for items by price, store and brand and can then sort the results by price, rating or title. So many choices! By scrolling over the pictures of each product, a pop-up box appears where users can read a description about the product. This box is visible on the current page! So no back clicking and searching for the previous page! Consumers can also compare reviews and ratings of products, services, and retailers. All of these features can be seen in one setting as customers browse for their favorite products! There is also the ability to chat directly with merchants.

At, consumers can interact with friends while they shop! Users can post video or text blogs and critique their friends’ videos. This can all be done for free! So use video blogs to share every great (or not so great!) moment caught on tape. Use the text blogs and reviews to share all thoughts and opinions that cross your mind!

Merchants will experience record amounts of visitors to their sites by signing up with The website is one of the few comparison shopping engines to offer performance-based advertising with Pay per Click and Pay per Action. This means that merchants only pay for shoppers who are directed to their site or make a purchase from their site. So the client is only paying for advertising that actually produces results! And isn’t results what everyone wants? The Advertising Section gives merchants a place to prominently display products with pictures or flash media at a reasonable cost. This section is the first thing that the consumer sees each time they log onto the site!

Retailers can also become a Sponsored Link merchant and have a link to their website on’s main page. This is a steal; the cost is only one dollar per day for 30 days! What a perfect opportunity for merchants to encourage consumers to visit their site! With’s Auction Site, clients can resell returned or opened goods, create a profile, and chat with other users. The video blogs are a great way to talk about a product or demonstrate how a product works. The live WebTV option provides merchants the opportunity to interact with the consumers. These features provide merchants the chance to give their consumers the best in customer service! has designed a place for shoppers to socialize with friends. Come experience the next generation of online comparison shopping! With these fun and interactive features, has something for everyone. Log on today and experience the virtual shopping community at its finest!

Hypnosis in the Mind Control Process

Coffee is on and I am still blurry eyed, but pretending to be ready to go.

So, here we are. We have discussed using self-hypnosis with the Silva Method (or in general) for gaining control over one's own mind and how a hypnotist does not control another's mind. Thanks Michael, for pointing out how Mythbusters did use unethical means in their hypnosis portion of the show (see his comment on yesterday's post). But let us move on to a bit of a darker horse, so we know it if we see it.

What is mind control exactly? According to Inc. (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) the world of academia definition of mind control:

refers to all coercive psychological systems, such as brainwashing, thought reform, and coercive persuasion.
This definition is based on Dr. Margaret Singer's definition of coercion:

Coercion is defined as, "to restrain or constrain by force..." Legally it often implies the use of PHYSICAL FORCE or physical or legal threat. This traditional concept of coercion is far better understood than the technological concepts of "coercive persuasion" which are effective restraining, impairing, or compelling through the gradual application of PSYCHOLOGICAL FORCES.
It is in the later interpretation that hypnosis begins to play a roll in all this, but it is just a tiny part of a larger system. It alone is again nothing more than giving a suggestion. It is the factor in the mind control process that I believe may be the weak link. One always has free will, so the hypnotic process may or may not work for various individuals based on the wording, etc. (one suggestion may work for one person, it may not for another).

But, we cannot let it off here, though. Those who are engaged in mind control know this about hypnosis. So the odds are stacked to make "the suggestion" take. This is through means of psychical and psychological manipulation. These are described as tactics. Dr. Singer list these as follows.

  • TACTIC 1. The individual is prepared for thought reform through increased suggestibility and/or "softening up," specifically through hypnotic or other suggestibility-increasing techniques such as: A. Extended audio, visual, verbal, or tactile fixation drills; B. Excessive exact repetition of routine activities; C. Decreased sleep; D. Nutritional restriction.
  • TACTIC 2. Using rewards and punishments, efforts are made to establish considerable control over a person's social environment, time, and sources of social support.
  • TACTIC 3. Disconfirming information and nonsupporting opinions are prohibited in group communication.
  • TACTIC 4. Frequent and intense attempts are made to cause a person to re-evaluate the most central aspects of his or her experience of self and prior conduct in negative ways.
  • TACTIC 5. Intense and frequent attempts are made to undermine a person's confidence in himself and his judgment, creating a sense of powerlessness.
  • TACTIC 6. Nonphysical punishments are used such as intense humiliation, loss of privilege, social isolation, social status changes, intense guilt, anxiety, manipulation and other techniques for creating strong aversive emotional arousals, etc.
  • TACTIC 7. Certain secular psychological threats [force] are used or are present
So, we cannot completely exonerate hypnosis techniques in the process of mind control, but it is not the major player. It alone, especially used in a clinical setting, is not one and the same. Mind control is a long-term process using manipulative devises - coercion. It breaks down a person. Hypnosis builds up a person, empowers one to make the changes one seeks.