Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Recline or Not Recline

Is there a perfect chair out there for doing hypnosis? I have begun to doubt it. What I think instead is that there is a perfect chair for each client, and it is luck of the draw if yours happens to be it. When it comes to my trsuty recliner, I have gotten everything from this recliner is perfect. This recliner is too big. This recliner is too soft. This recliner needs to recline more. And oh, I think I will just lie on the floor.

When I was going to school to learn hypnosis, we sat in hard uncomfortable chairs that did not recline in the slightest, and you know, the hypnosis worked as well as any done in the best recliners. (When I was in school, I had to walk fifty miles on bare feet, through snow...)

This had led me to remember my hypno massage I had back in May. It was pretty amazing. So, here is my latest thought - would one of those massage chairs like the Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair be a good for hypnosis sessions? Might it provide a sense of comfort for some and could one time a session to coordinate with the chair's various settings and cycles?

I know I could go to massage therapy school, but it is just not for me, but the chair could be an interesting addition to an office setting. Any thoughts?


Philolog said...

You have discovered the key. It is NOT THE CHAIR. I like to give my clients a choice, but they usually choose the "zero-gravity" lounge chair which reclines. It is very comfortable and if I say, good choice! This one is perfect for hypnosis! That increases their expectations, right? Of course I say the same thing even if they pick a more mundane office chair.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Clever! Does the Zero-gravity work well or is it distracting at all?