Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Follow Up...and a little more

I just heard from my source (sounds covert, eh?) from the PG&E that when they mentioned 60% of their smoking cessation employees had quit cold turkey, they did indeed mean that these employees quit with the help of hypnosis. Not what I would call cold turkey, but it is good to know that this was the case. Go PG&E!

Also, I just wanted to clear the air a little more. For those of you who are faithfully (or even occasionally or maybe even once) visiting the transparent hypnotist, your support has meant and does mean a lot to me. As this blog does do blovertising on occasion, I suspect (and have been told) that it may be hard to know what to comment on and so on. First, comment on anything you like. You are ALWAYS welcome to do that. And if it is something within the blogvertising that you disagree with, please do not hesitate to comment. If for some reason comments are not appropriate, I will disable them. I moderate comments, as well, to avoid certain spam issues (and the inappropriate immaturity that occasionally surfaces on the Web).

However to be a little more transparent, I have created a new label that will accompany such post. They will know be known as "blogvertising" or will say "Sponsored by." Please also know that I chose these on a basis of what is going on in my practice, so I still try to keep them informative or applicable. But also I blog about programs and sites I like as well, often with no monetary gain.

Again I thank you all for reading, writing in, and participating. Know that you are appreciated.

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kathryn said...

Keeping up the transparency I see. I do like it when bloggers tell their readers what's going on and why. Good one Ellie.