Friday, November 30, 2007

10 Questions with Lee Darrow

Location: Chicago, IL

Cyberspace Locations: (or is it /mstrhypno?)

1. Are you a full time hypnotist, part-time or hobbyist?

Full-time entertainer, of which hypnosis is a BIG part of the business, so draw your own conclusions...

2. Do you specialize in any type of hypnosis?

Primarily stage hypnosis.

3. Is there any type of hypnosis you do not do? Why?

Please! A gentleman does not discuss such things! It is indiscreet! ;)

4. Do you use self-hypnosis regularly in your life?If so, how?

Yep! I use it to help moderate migraines, cure hiccups and to deal with stress, when I have the time.. things happen so fast, sometimes! LOL

5. Describe your hypnosis office or work setting.

Pick a stage, any stage... or someone's home... or banquet hall... you get the idea.

6. Describe a typical day in your life.

There is no such thing as a "typical day" in my life... seriously.

7. Where did you get your training in hypnosis and are you certified?

Mind Sight Consulting, the Baranowskis were my first certifying instructors, but that came late in my career. I have also studied with Steve Lankton, Michael Brown and a whole lot of other people over the last 40 years...

8. Most fabulous hypnosis technique you use?

The Bryan-san Oriental pressure Point Method (which is a placebo technique!)

9. Worse moment ever in a hypnosis setting that ended up being a valuable learning experience.

When a stage hypnotist I was watching had five people go into hysteria because he was stupid enough to do the "swarm of bees" routine on stage... and all five of them were deadly allergic to bee stings!

10. Any words of advice to potential clients or other hypnotist.

LEARN your craft! Understand that there's more to hypnosis than scripts and techniques, but also understand the psychology of phobias and how to avoid invoking them as well as being careful about your own safety.

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