Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mixing it Up

I talked about it earlier in the day, how I spent my afternoon. It did use a few of my hypnosis skills…

For fun today, I decided to bring back out my animated eyes. Remember? I used them a few months ago to blog about the PostieCon (that is happening right now). This time I have used them in a commercial for the new Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer. I realize this may seem like it is veering off the path a bit, but it is another spoof on the hypnotic induction and sales pitches. Plus, okay, I admit it, I am trying to be more inspired in my cooking and along with self-hypnosis I am doing for this, this handy, dandy Eclectrics® Mixer would be just the thing. You may be saying to yourself, "It is just a Hamilton Beach® Mixer," but watch the video - it is awesome. And, this all goes along with my weight ideals that I have been preaching. If one were to spend more time paying attention to what one is really eating, one could really have better control overweight issues. If you retake the kitchen and cooking, you can make educated choices. Do you use olive oil or butter? Certainly no high-fructose corn syrup. And if you spend a little extra on tools that make cooking easier and on tools that last, well, that can be a sense of accomplishment, a tool of empowerment. (Yes, next thing you know, I will be teaching cooking classes along with my ballroom night).

Here’s another idea. We all look for those moments when we can just meditate for a moment, a chance to let go. So many people tell me that to do that is to add one more thing to the to list, so it creates stress. Well, get a hand-free mixer, and work on small increments of meditation for the minute or two it does the work for you.

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