Friday, November 23, 2007

10 Questions with Gloria Constantas

1. Are you a full time hypnotist, part-time or hobbist?

I am part-time now, but moving toward full-time for 2008!

2. Do you specialize in any type of hypnosis?

It seems people come to me for phobias, and personal issues like better work performance or having more satisfying relationships. I like to work with college students or professional people.

3. Is there any type of hypnosis you do not do? Why?

There was one guy I referred to another hypnotist, as I was uncomfortable talking to him about his particular type of addiction. I thought if he seriously wanted to change, he should work with a male hypnotist.

4. Do you use self-hypnosis regularly in your life?If so, how?

Yes, daily affirmations and self-hypnosis. I am constantly trying to improve in all areas of my life.

5. Describe your hypnosis office setting.

I share an office with my husband. So it looks like a standard office. I just bring my zero-gravity lounge chair in for the client and I sit at a desk for intake and then beside them for the hypnosis.

6. Describe a typical day in your life.

Wake up, give thanks, rush to work, check email, write blog, talk to teenagers, try to teach them self-hypnosis or meditation techniques, meditate or do self-hypnosis, see clients, pick up child, make dinner, say hi to my spouse, retire early.

7. Do you have a website or blog? is my main blog or is it

8. Most fabulous hypnosis technique you use?

I like the progressive relaxation induction because all my clients have too-busy-syndrome and need stress reduction. They always enjoy it! But the most amazing to me is regression for fears or other concerns. I am also fascinated by pain reduction techniques; I have seen clients with chronic pain reach complete relief during the session and for some time afterward!

9. Worse moment ever in a hypnosis setting.

Probably when a friend wanted me to hypnotize her for a fear of heights so she could go hiking in the mountains and cross a wood and rope bridge over a river. I used the affect bridge and she couldn't or wouldn't go back to the cause of her problem. I tried twice. Since time was short, I just had her imagine being at the end of the bridge feeling triumphant that she had crossed it and then did the awakening. She was sure she could make it over the bridge, but I wasn't! A week later she rushed up to me and told me what a great hiking trip she had had, and that she crossed the bridge no problem! She even went back to the middle of the bridge to get a picture of herself on the bridge!!!

10. Any words of advice to potential clients or other hypnotist.

Hypnotize anyone and everyone, including yourself! There are just so many benefits!