Saturday, November 10, 2007

Esoteric Theatre Regression

Though today's esoteric media could also be an "In the News" item, it seems more apt here. I am a total sucker for theatre and a good musical. Hence, I must mention On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. Ever see the movie with Barbara Streisand? This comes to mind as the Barnstable Comedy Club in Cape Cod is currently in the throws of this production. It runs through November.

If you are not familiar with the plot, basically it is about a young woman who goes to a psychiatrist for smoking cessation. In the process he regresses her back to a past life as a British heiress. The problems begin when he falls for this heiress.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

The real question is, do psychiatrists still engage in hypnotic procedures? Does anyone in modern society go to psychiatrists for hypnosis? Seriously? And the whole falling in love thing - granted love between psychiatrists and clients is an over romanticized thing, so I guess this would be fairly common. But is it not usually the client that falls for the doctor?

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