Monday, November 12, 2007

The Other Phobias

If any of you are participating in events this week, it stands to be a busier week than normal. Please feel free to share what you are doing (you can even use the comment section for advertising your events).

When I was tabulating the poll responses just a little while ago, I noticed three of you cited "other" as your response to your biggest fear. Would you consider sharing the phobia (you can even post anonymously if you would like)? When I posted the list of choices, I wet through the ones that first came to mind and those of my clients, so I am curious as to what bothers you.

Personally (it is only fair that I answer this), my biggest fears fluctuate depending upon the situation. Sometimes it is a fear of not having a stable income - what will happen to me if things do not work out, sometimes it is dealing with rude people in the bank or grocery store, sometimes it is fearing that my blood sugar will drop too low at an inconvenient time. But, I suspect these are not so much phobias, as certain neurosis. Last week I told you about my sudden issue with walking on rough terrain on the edge of a hill. My partner says he thinks it is more of a fear of turning my ankle because I obsess over ankle support. What strange creatures we are.

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