Friday, November 16, 2007

The Grandfather Clock Induction

When I was little, I used to stay with my Nan. Every afternoon around 3 pm, she would plop me on her couch (with all sort of comfy pillows and a quilt) and then she would tuck me in for a nap while she had a quiet cup of tea all to herself. Not one for appreciating naps at those early ages, I knew well enough to keep still. It would allow me to be with people again much sooner. So, I would watch the old grandfather clock that stood by the doorway, its gold pendulums going back and forth and forth and back. I would wait in anticipation of the chimes (loud bongs) and sure enough I would fall asleep. I still can fall asleep with the ticking of a clock.

So after dealing with a few children clients, I have begun to wonder if doing an eye fixation induction utilizing a grandfather clock might be helpful. Sure it is like the pocket watch and pendulum inductions, but why not? It is subtle part of the decor, so it becomes more friendly. Would relaxation start to happen on its own, if you, as the hypnotist were to let these clients get comfortable, alone in your office, where the focal point is the grandfather clock, standing there majestically?

My other idea is that the interval chimes could act as a deepener. That might depend on the chime. So, I have been looking up chimes at and found a blog entry on it at From there I was referred to They apparently carry all sorts of Howard Miller grandfather clocks, of which some of these have sound files attached. I have to admit, I was a little thrilled to see that there are some clocks that are still cable driven. I had expected them to be long out of date. The clock that I am most attracted too is one such type, the Howard Miller Newell Grandfather Clock. It is simple, clean and would not look to "homey," yet would catch the eye. But, that is aesthetics, and I am concerned with the sound. The only sounds I could find were of Westminster Chimes. They are fairly classic. The clock I like mentions it has "bim bam chimes," so I cannot tell if that is the sound it makes or if it is Westminster. This is the one thing that I wish was a little different about the site, but maybe they are in the process of adding more sounds?

Maybe I am getting too hung up in the details, but I think such a clock would be a nice touch for an office and a great induction (and maybe deepning tool, too). Have any of you out there tried this?


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the idea, though probably not enough to go buy a grandfather clock. ;^)

Should work extremely well if you can have the young client lie down on a comfy couch (or adjust the story so that you napped on a chair) while you tell the story, pacing and leading of course as you wind it into an induction. An audible ticking makes it even more versatile because it'll appeal to an auditory type.

If the chimes are of the soft, discreet type you should find it easy to use them as a cue to relax deeper but I suspect a loud bonging would be too disruptive with clients who go only into a light state. This might be something you're better off buying in person so you can hear it and judge for yourself. (Or do your research in person then order a specific model online?)

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

Oh -- and thanks for making me look so good in the 10 Questions! ;^)

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Ah! Confirmation! Actually a mantle type, mini-pendulum clock could work, too (and might have soft, gentle chimes). You are probably right about buying one in person and hearing the sound. I was kind of bummed the site didn't have other chime sounds.

And thank you for answering the 10 Questions!