Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hypnosis as a Cure

Yesterday I blogged about IBS and a study that found great success with using hypnosis as a cure. Yes, the source actually used the word "cure." Then of course, I found the usual medical sites saying that hypnosis can help eliminate the symptoms, but it does not "cure." Normally, the later just irritates me a little and I go about my day. But not today.

I guess it depends your school of thought on whether hypnosis is a cure or not. I suspect that those in the medical fields or organizations that more represent doctors and psychologist, one would probably say that hypnosis is not a cure, but a tool in complimentary medicine. I give you that, it is a great tool used in complimentary situations. But I think it can also be a cure, especially in cases where the client has eliminated or worked through some psychological concept that was creating a physical effect. But I can understand that this might be a threat to traditional medicine (or at least some pharmaceuticals).

Do I think it can always be a cure? No. It depends on the issue and the client. And as I say that, here is the paradox, though hypnosis can cause a curative outcome, it is the client who creates the cure. It is the client's work, mind, thoughts, and connection with his or her subconscious mind that brings about the result. Hypnosis is the vehicle in this case. So maybe when other's say hypnosis is not a cure, maybe this is correct. It is just a tool in self-healing.

Does this make sense? What are your thoughts?

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