Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Few RandomThoughts on Hypnotheraphy

This whole college hypnotherapy thing is really nagging me. Technically my training was in hypnotherapy. However, I am in one of those states that will not let one use the word therapy in one's title (or it is suggested that one does not). But perhaps the state is correct in this. When I was trained, I am not so sure I learned much about therapy at the time. Sure I learned technique, but not what it takes a therapist a few years of college to learn. In looking at counselors and even the Sedona Method, it seems like hypnotherapists should have therapy backgrounds of some sort. But then again, in the higher realms of academia, those who have terminal degrees are deemed fit to teach college level courses though they may have no experience, training or schooling in teaching. What an odd world.

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