Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ellie's Favorite Five - Progressive Relaxation Scripts

For those who are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wish you most digestible day! It seems like the perfect time to consider more relaxation and this is a great way for us to begin exploring the various forms of hypnosis.

I present to you my current favorite five progressive relaxation scripts (if the links do not work, please let me know). These are based on a Google search, ease of finding the script, no hidden strings - meaning they are free, and I just had to find them appealing.

Progressive relaxation is a therapy onto itself, where one literally progressively relaxes each part of the body to create a feeling of relaxation. A large amount of hypnosis is based on deep relaxation and this is a classic way to get there. I think it has surpassed the swinging pocket watch. There are several hypnotist who do not use them because there is a potential for putting someone to sleep rather than in a hypnotic state.

Also, these are what are called scripts. Scripts are fairly common in hypnosis, especially traditional hypnosis. There are pros and cons to using such things, but for those who do not use them, they are always a good source for fresh inspiration.

So, here they:

  • Maryann Laraia - Hypnosis Improves Life - Very basic script involving body awareness.
  • Hypnohut - A nicely guided progressive relaxation.
  • Arthur A. Leidecker - APA Recommends - Fairly intense progressive neuro-muscular relaxation induction involving the tightening and releasing of areas of the body. Please note that there are some people who find discomfort in this or have medical conditions of which it may conflict. This is rare, but I have to say it anyway. Also, this is a PDF file.
  • Roger Bergman - A very in depth progressive relaxation involving counting, breathing awareness, and imagery.
  • Terrance Watts - - This is his soothing, body conditioning progressive relaxation.
Enjoy! Also, if you have one you really like, please feel free to share it.

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