Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Dream Hypnosis Trip

Today I spilled coffee all over a suede jacket, not to mention my pants (and it hurt). I am working overtime to not let that be the sum of my day. You know how that goes. Sometimes it is easier than others. However, I am now cold. So indulge with me for a few glorious minutes while I try to move my attitude to a better place.

The topic is: what is your ultimate dream hypnosis job? Is it traveling around the world doing hypno shows? Working in a meditation lodge in the mountains? Street hypnosis in the largest cities in the world? Doing a workshop in Tibet? Seriously. What would it be?

Today, even though the coffee hurt, I would like a cup of Cafe Au Lait in Paris (I have never been). Yep, a hypno trip, staying in one of the nice Paris hotels. Then, since this is my fantasy, I would like to work with clients who have height phobias (that being one that I have personally conquered through hypnosis) at the top of the Eiffel Tower (consider this my being inspired by the mass hypnosis event in Scotland recently). That's 324 m up, you have to minus a few because that includes the height with the flagpole. Then I would soar down from this height and head to a museum, maybe the Louvre, and do a few sessions on guided imagery (got to pay for those nice hotels). After this, I would go well into the mountains, the Roane Alps, and find some where cozy to bed down and have my own mystical experience of some sort. I hear that France hotels are fairly nice if you find the right one.

Okay, so there. That is my fantasy. How about yours?


Anonymous said...

I think my dream hypnosis trip would be more about who I'm with than where I go. Any quiet place will do as long as it's with someone special to me and lets us play and explore.

Some of my favorite "vacation" stories have happened at NGH conventions, where there's a relaxed atmosphere full of friendly people in a mood to experiment.

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

That's so beautiful!