Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Hypnosis Session or a Date?

Recently, one of my friends began to take an interest in my services and began to ask a lot of questions that came down to hypnosis and relationships. Ever had these conversations? My friend is a recent divorcee but has been celibate for two years. She is trying to decide if she would like to continue this way or look at other options. This is where the hypnosis comes in. She wanted to know if I would hypnotize her to stop those adult desires or the craving for a relationship.

I truly suspect she rdoes not want hypnosis, but an opportunity to meet single men who might stimulate her both mentally and physically might be a better course.

So we have become acquainted with It is a site that reviews, compares and contrast various dating sites. In the dating world, apparently the different dating and match making sites are all a little different and one may be better for one's needs than another. For instance of one is looking for the ideal marriage partner (my friend is not), their review of eHarmony cites that this would be a great resource. Then there is Lavalife, which could be similar, but also features options for those just looking for intimate encounters (a little too far the other way for my friend). Dating has gotten so complicated. I am just waiting for the one that offer genetic testing for compatibility.

So, she is now emailing me about this guy or that, though she says she has not finished bugging me about hypnosis as a potential fix. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I would never try something like your friend asked, as I suspect you wouldn't, because I see potential for emotional harm there. Most people have a natural need (or maybe just a strong desire) for a healthy, stable relationship. Companionship is important. Love is important. Trying to suppress that, I suspect, would either fail outright or lead to pain and confusion. Not good.

I did the online dating thing for a year and was not very happy with the result, but everyone is different. Hopefully your friend will find a good guy that way. Or you could just give her my email address now. ;^)

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I'm not sure I believe that the hypnosis would have worked at all for what she was asking. I figured if really pressed to do it, I would guide the process toward some self-esteem work or something similar to get to the actual "heart" of the matter.

LOL. I'll send her to your web site. This could be providence. :)