Monday, November 26, 2007

Following a Suggestion

Happy Monday. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

As I drink a combination of Colombian gourmet and 8 O'clock Coffee, it is time to gain a little focus again. Let's see - the poll picked up a bit this week, I am glad to see. Looks like we can all use a little stress relief during this time of year. Did you read Gloria's answers to the 10 Questions? I hope she will forgive me, but she brought up a really good point in her email to me. She suggested that I change the question about negative hypnosis experiences to something more positive, as we need to spread the word about the positive aspects of hypnosis. Amen! So, I have reworded the question a bit. I think it is important though that we do talk about experiences, both good and bad (especially for those who are getting into the field). It is important for others to know that being a hypnotist is more than reading a script and hoping for the best. There are some harrowing moments for us all (as in any field). The important thing is how we come out of that experience. Both Michael and Gloria answered that question extremely well - their experiences turned out well in both cases, with lessons learned. So the new question will encompass this idea - harrowing experiences that were learning experiences.

As for the Monday answer to the Sunday question about pain scales, I will get more into that a bit later. In the short term, suffice to say that I do not really use them in my work. Usually I have clients visualize (if they visualize) their pain as an object or with borders and work on it from there. And the question is still and always open for comment.

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