Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Secret of Sedona

Sedona. Land of opened mindedness, land of holistic healing. These are the things I think about when I hear the word Sedona. It is like a mecca that beckons, yet I have to actually visit there.

But one can apparently have a little piece of this pie through the Sedona Method. It is definitely a sister modality to positive change, NLP and hypnosis, and it may not be as far away as a modality. It sounds very much like an emotional freedom technique or practice (thought I do not know if tapping is involved). With it one deals primarily with releasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones. Components of it stress goal achievement (for you Secret fans out there, the Sedona Method is touted as how to use the secret in everyday life). This is through gaining higher self-esteem and confidence, increasing inner peace, freedom from emotional challenges, finding and acting with courage, and improving bad habits.

There is a Sedona method the secret guide available for your perusal (and mine). The web site is informative and gives several hints on ways to release emotion. You can also get a free insiders guide, DVD, CD, MP3 and a subscription to the Sedona Method Success and Well Being Newsletter.

I suspect there might be some ideas there that would be helpful in inductions or sessions. Maybe another tool for the skills tool box?

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