Monday, November 19, 2007


This morning there was a little glitch in the blogvertising submission process for the post I did called Changing Things Up. Well, I networked on the Posties Forum for a solution and found others in the same boat, and they turned out to be some really lovely people. I was perusing one of their blogs while waiting for an answer from the advertiser and became intrigued with an idea off of It goes nicely with my Sunday Question concept.

mindbump suggested by The Real Eureka Springs

"Describe something seemingly unimportant or ridiculous that makes you happy."

So, okay, I will give this a go.

Something seemingly unimportant or ridiculous that makes me happy is having a bedtime story read to me before falling asleep. Even now, in my late thirties, I am a complete sucker for this. I love to read, and maybe after spending my days listening to my own voice while doing suggestion work, it is nice to hear someone else's.

So there you go, canal boy, there is my answer.

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canal boy said...

Just leaving a comment to go "bump" in the night. Your response makes perfect sense to me!