Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Reminder about Memory

Last week I gave you a head's up on National Memory Screening Day (coming up very soon). Have any of you actually considered doing this or incorporating it into your practice? Have you looked up where there is memory screening in your area or encouraged others to consider the screening?

We also discussed the warning signs of memory loss, but have not considered the importance of early detection of Alzheimer's or related illnesses. If an illness is detected early on, it means that there is more hope for the person experiencing it. There are some forms of memory loss that are caused by external factors that can be reversed, such as vitamin deficiencies. If not reversible, it is possible that the illness could be slowed down. And it may be a wake up call to change an unhealthy lifestyle into one that is more conducive to positive health.

The big thing about the screenings are that they do not diagnose the illness, they merely alert you to the fact that you may need to go to a doctor for proper diagnosis. Also, it may tell you that you are just fine. That would be good. It is important to know about Alzheimer's because if you are diagnosed with memory problems, you have an opportunity to start on planning for the problems that may occur.

There is no cure for Alzheimer's as yet, so we need to keep the issue in our minds and support causes that seek answers about it. We can contribute donations to their funding. We can even give a donation in someone else's name as a perfect holiday gift.

And I really believe our modality of hypnosis may have an impact and we have to start now. We cannot forget about all those who are currently suffering with the disease. They need help immediately. As well as supporting research and funding for this cause, these are people that we may be able to help in some way. Let's do something.

And while we ponder what to do, there are things we can do ourselves for our own healthy aging. Suggestions for a healthy memory can be found at These are fairly common sense concepts, such as having a proper diet and vitamins, lowering alcohol intake, exercising daily, seeing your doctor annually, engaging in mind stimulating activities, and being social. But rather than reiterating it all here, do check out their site.

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