Thursday, November 29, 2007

Confessions of a Mild Mannered Hypnotist

It is one of those mornings that feels like it has been stuffed down my brain in a most unpleasant way. Yikes. Deadlines and other nasties await me. It is more admin than hypno.

So, I am going off on a tangent from our scholarly talks of forms of hypnosis and am going to take a few moments to indulge another passion. Stop groaning, I cannot help my love of the macabre and movies. It is part of my personality and I am going to free it for a little while.

It all comes down to coincidence. Yesterday, I did a group guided meditation for the general public. I do them for $10 a person, but find I get a lot of past clients who attend. Afterwards, I step out of the room, grab a cup of tea and then return to gabwith whoever is not in a hurry to get back to their lives. Inevitably, what happens is that people use this time to just let go of whatever it is that is bothering them and my office becomes a group confessional.

So, here it is, the new movie Sweeney Todd is about to be released. Well, to go along with the opening, they have released a confessional page where the viewing public (you and I) can record our confessions. That is the coincidence. Confessions. Yesterday, I was the listener to other's confessions and now today, here is this site that does the same thing.

Therefore I have my own confession to make. As I listen to other people's (I am not a Catholic priest, wrong sex and all, nor can I provide any absolution) confessions, I tend to have some various song running through my head that receives a little bit more focus than the words of the confessions But because I do feel a bit guilty saying that, I must scream for contrition and also say that I am not one to work on other people's problems in a group environment and I do view the time period as one where all that is really needed is the venting opportunity. Hence, the website is a fantastic thing.

And as for the songs, now I have the sound track from Sweeney running through my head. My other confession is that as a teenage I owned the album from the Broadway version. What a great story. What great music. And oh swoon, Johnny Depp.

If you have enjoyed my confessions about confessions, you might just find Sweeney Todd on MySpace interesting. You might also want to visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site.

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