Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Truth and the Evolution

Today's wandering pondering is ongoing from yesterday's conversation with Michael about subliminals. You cannot but help love all this stuff we learn about the mind and consciousness. One year, one thing is true. The next it is not. Then three years later it is true again. Perhaps this is why I did not do well in science classes when I was younger. There is too much that we do not know. There seems like there is little truth and a whole lot of hypothesis (I did better when we were allowed to do our own hypothesis). And that becomes a question of - is there ever truth? For one second it could seem so, but then reality shifts and bam, what was true is no longer.

Yes, I have been reading metaphysics again, well maybe not metaphysics, but about metaphysical concepts. I just finished Carlos Constanza's Road to Ixland. And I am now beginning The Tibetan Book of the Death and Dying. How odd to find that you might be Buddhist if...But I digress.

Well, as I took my first sip of morning tea, a thought struck me about subliminals (okay tapped me, it is to early for a knock-down-drag-em-out mental conversation). The first ideas about them seemed to indicate a positive consumer response to visuals. Is it possible that indeed the old "put an image in the ice cube" type really did work well. Perhaps in those few years since then, our minds have adapted, subtly evolved? Perhaps we evolved enough for it to no longer be so effective. Now we are left with heftier tricks of subtle manipulation like the flashing of the image of a pretty girl and a one word command.

Just a thought.

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