Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Positive Numbers for Hypnosis

Last week while looking for information and statistics about hypnosis and breast cancer, I came across another study done in 2004. This one involved children undergoing cancer surgery and their pain levels.

Though I am still trying to find the original study information, including where it was done, this information came from a review by Linda A. Vrooman at taken from Cancer Online in September 2004.

There was research done to substantiate the role of hypnosis in prolonging life of those with cancer. One study specifically looked at how pain was perceived by children and the affects of hypnosis on this perception. Apparently 80 children participated. They were broken up into four groups, two of which consisted of experiencing an anesthetic and hypnosis during various procedures. The other two groups received an an anesthetic and counseling. The groups who used hypnosis experienced much less pain then the other groups, based on their response to how much pain they suffered using a scale of zero to five.

Again, I am still looking for the study this review is from, but thought it would be good to infuse a little good news after the debauchery we suffered yesterday with the showbiz hypnosis. If you know of the source of the cancer study, please share it here.

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