Sunday, October 28, 2007

Learning about Lasik

Looking at the week ahead of me, one of my clients is a young football player who is working on a variety of things to help him ultimately do better in his studies, increasing his chances for more scholarships. He is really an interesting young man. He loves football (though I think it is the social aspects that appeal to him), and wants a career in pro-ball (via college, “just never know what life will hand you”).

One of his big concerns is his eyesight. He is extremely nearsighted. There is depth-perception distortion with his glasses and he is not that thrilled with contacts. He is considering Lasik surgery, like LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers fame. However, my client is a little phobic about it and is considering using one of his visits to work on that.

One task this weekend was to learn a little more about Lasik surgery. Being a faithful member of the NGH, I do understand the value of a great overseeing association, and sure enough there is one for Lasik called the Council of Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance ( They do evaluations and certifications, as well as provide advocacy and information sources that are heralded by papers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and well, Oprah. Choosing a surgeon who is in good standing from this organization seems as wise as find a certified hypnotist. It gives one some sort of way to know that the doctors have met specific criteria and have to keep up on their education to maintain the certification. There is also a certain amount of redress for the client if necessary.

And at least now I feel I can talk more intelligently about Lasik.

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