Monday, October 22, 2007

Bedding the Idea

The great cover-up. Literally. One of the most useful items I have in the office is a blanket. I throw it over a chair and if clients want to cover up, they can. And it always surprises me as to who actually does this. Sometimes it is the high school quarterback who wants to improve his concentration, the blue collar worker who is kicking smoking, or it could be madame CEO herself.

Always in a state of keeping the office fresh through the idea of redecorating, I have come up with another interesting concept. Since I have gone the route of digital picture frame inductions (for some), it might be fun to coordinate the images into other parts of the office, thus perhaps stimulating and reinforcing the suggestions. For instance, one of the pictures that makes a quick pass through the picture frame is now also framed in my rest room.

But what about the blanket, the cover up? This gives certain people a feeling of security, so would it not also make a great reinforce? offers such a product, the Photo Blanket . They reproduce your image onto a micro-suede fabric and the back is solar fleece (which means soft and comfy). They are machine washable and dryable.

I have to be careful thought...too many flowers might make the office too girly. I do not want the session room to look alike a teenage girl's bedroom. Perhaps a landscape might be best.

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