Thursday, October 4, 2007

Emergency Paranoia

I am still here online, and have gone back to work, getting ready for tomorrow. Sadly, I have had to put up my mind control hat away for a little while and focus on a client. That is what it is all about, is it not?

I have a really interesting fellow coming in who suffers from various forms of paranoia. Along with a psychologist, we are devising a series of systems for him to ease his mind. After working with him last week, he came to a resolution through client-based hypnosis that one way he could find relief would be to have his life ready to "up and go" if he needed. so, he wants to create an emergency kit.

That means I have been researching these a bit trying to get a few ideas of what should go in one and resources for such items. Most can be found anywhere, I would say, but this is a person who does better shopping online.

I have been looking at They offer a special section on emergency kits. That has been a great help in compiling a list. So, I could not help notice the site itself. If you have an illness or disease, you can search under that condition, or if you prefer categories or brand, it does that as well. When they first started out in 1996, they mainly sold medical equipment and home health care supplies. Two years later, they began selling mainstream retail products that are related, such as fitness equipment, maternity supplies, and more.

The site has also been informative with offering things like product guides, and for people like my client, the site also offers auto-re-orders. This is just one of those overall good sites for learning about various products. So often clients will come in and talk about their conditions and what they use, and I am clueless, but now I can just look up the product and get a feel for what they are talking about. has 55,000 products organized in several ways, surely this is a good median point for referencing specific medical items.

So, now I am ever so much more educated about emergency kits and potential items for such things...and I know where to find them. I am ready.

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