Saturday, October 13, 2007

Esoteric Celebrity Weight Loss

Good morning! Coffee, coffee, coffee. So, let's see. I think today we will address the trivial news side of hypnosis. That is not really being fair, it is not trivial to the person involved, and its been a nice thumbs up for hypnosis.

I am talking about Lily Allen's recent jaunt from a size 12 to size eight using hypnosis. Not familiar with the creative compositions of Ms. Allen? Well, I cannot leave you wondering...

According to the in their article How Stars Turn To Hypnosis And Other Diet Techniques Lily paid £300 an hour for hypnotic suggestions to increase her desire to exercise. If she does not exercise, she feels bad.

So, kudos to Lily!

The article also features some other ways in which celebrities engage in weight loss. The purple diet...hmmm....

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