Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Old No Show Routine

Last night I in indulged in a pumpkin-spiced latte (sans whipped cream). It splashed out of the cup and oddly, it was orange. I figured it would just be coffee with pumpkin-pie spice added to it. Apparently not. It is not often that I actually indulge in much other than coffee and tea, but I have been craving this for a few days and it was one of those times where one really needed to indulge in something positive.

As far as positives go, I guess when you learn something or have something reinforced this is positive in itself, but sometimes it just does not feel that way. I know you are probably thinking, "Ellie, get to the point." And you are right. Ellie has become a little lax in her intake procedures again.

What I have been doing is just scheduling appointments. I talk to people on the phone or via email, get the information I need there to outline their upcoming session. And that is that.

What happens when you do you schedule appointments this way? You get no shows.

How should it be done? Basically at the time of the phone call inquiry, when I make the appointments, I need to immediately also send the perspective client the intake form to fill out and send back before the appointment. This really cuts down on the number of no shows.

What else could help lessen the no shows? Do as the medical world does. Call a day before and confirm that the client will be there. I used to think this was like baby sitting or policing, but it is really not. In the hectic, overbooked world we live in, it never hurts to send a reminder.

Do you have any tried and true methods that help decrease the number of no shows?

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