Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Esoteric Therapist

Last weekend's Esoteric Saturday subliminal software really caught on in my mind. LOL. Actually, I have been playing that software in the background of my machine since then. Not sure if it is doing any good, but there have been times when I wonder if it makes me a tad bit more aggressive - just a tad. But there are several other factors that could be contributing to that as well. I would need a therapist to help me decipher it all.

hypnotist (which we may go into at some point), she was a base-line for Speaking of therapist (do you like the segway?), I thought we would go into a blast from the past and bring out Eliza. Remember Eliza, the cyber-Rogerian psychotherapist? She was a computer program created in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum. Though she is not a cyberartificial intelligence. The program is rather simple in that she more or less just rephrases your comments into questions. She has been called a "parody."

Here is a short conversation:

Ellie: What do you think of hypnosis?

Eliza: Does that question interest you?

Ellie: Very much.

Eliza: Please go on.

Ellie: It is the most fascinating therapy ever.

Eliza: Please go on.

Ellie: Do you have any thoughts about hypnosis?

Eliza: Oh, i have any thoughts about hypnosis.

Anyway, thought she was something fun to explore. You can visit her here.

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