Friday, October 26, 2007

In the News - High

Today the coffee maker was reset after a short power outage. This morning the brew is dark and heavy (serving of coffee beans ground was maxed at ten and water was only six cups).

And as I am awakening much more abruptly (thank you coffee maker), it seems like the concept of adding in the random "In the News" segment is perfect.

So, lets talk about heights. Last Sunday (October 21) at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho, in Scotland, there was a pretty exciting event. The center hosted mass hypnosis for people suffering with acrophobia. Edinburgh-based Brain Train, Dawn and Gary Flockhart, did the hypnosis and NLP work. Once that was done, participants were taken 100 feet off ground level to the arena's aerial assault course. Though harnessed, volunteers had to step off the platform (remember 100 feet off the ground level) into air, then face a twisted zip-slide, not to mention an obstacle course at the end.

There were 50 volunteers aged 11 to 56. Only three of the 50 did not attempt the aerial assault challenge after a thirty minute session. Using a method that involved imagining a picture of themselves in a frightened state, these volunteers were then told to focus on the fear that they experienced with this frightened state. Suggestions were given so that they would chant "sit and float" under their breath as a reminder to remain calm.

I had hoped a few of the participants would have blogged about the experience, but I have as yet to find them. The arena says that there were several success stories that came from that day. It also looked like a few people went through with it, but their phobias were not completely gone when they did the aerial Assault .

I invite any of the participants to comment and share their story (good or bad or if any of you have stumbled onto this blog). Also, if anyone else has any comments or knowledge of the event, please feel free to also post them as well.


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