Friday, October 5, 2007

A Mini-vacation

Now I am truly ready to be done for the week. I am heading out for the weekend and therefore will not be posting Esoteric Saturday or The Sunday Question. I will be back with bells on come Monday, though.

A speaker I once heard had an interesting philosophy and that was to pick a location that you want to go to and immerse yourself in the details that it would take to create a paid vacation there - i.e. do group hypnosis programs, etc. And I am in the process of doing this for London (watch out you UK hypno types).


I now also have a yearning to try the Mexican Rivera Maya for a Mexico Vacation. There is a small hotel collection there called Karisma Hotels (Greek for "divine favor") that sound completely enticing. Maybe I am just really tired right now, but napping on a beach bed, feeling the curtains blowing across my slightly-tanned body (this would be after a few days of being there and continuing the sun screen) sounds just about perfect. On the other hand their gourmet experience probably would cause some weight gain due to eating foods that entice the senses. A sensual experience is how it is phrased. They have different types of resorts, two that are adult only (sorry kids, but huge thank you Karisma), one family oriented one, one naturalist one, and one that I would hold out for - Azure Blue, which is slated to open in November. It is being touted as the world's first "stress free" hotel. I would love to know how they plan to do this. Supposedly, each room comes with a butler, Italian sheets on the bed, spa services, and meditation classes. How wonderful it would be to be on the side of the relaxation world and enjoy it as a guest. It sounds like you could actually stay there without being involved with other humans (for some, like me today, a great way to de-stress), except for the butler. Do you think they give out personality test before you arrive to match a suitable butler up with you?

But today, this sounds just perfect, weight gain or not.

Have a great weekend!

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