Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Bone to Pick

Now I am confused. I had always thought the Catholic Church accepted hypnosis (wasn't that back in '54?). So now I find that they do not have an official stance. According to one of their publications they warn their flock against the abuse of magnetism and hypnotism, but "want to leave the way free for science." Okay, they really are not panning hypnosis, but warning against the abuse of it (abuse - as in they cannot say bad things about it or not to over indulge?). LOL.

I am off on this jag because I just read an article on, the Diocesan News called Church has no stance on hypnotism, but urges all to beware of abuses. This is by Susan Brinkmann. She gives a history and a definition from the Britannica
(which sounds like it was written by L. Ron Hubbard). Then she goes after past life regression. Well, I believe everyone is allowed their opinions and we have gone over this. She quotes Moira Noonan (interesting person), which may have to be a whole different discussion (the concept of Ms.Noonan, I mean).

Now, it has been said that I may be perpetrating myths about hypnosis by discussing mind control,but this is blatant...Here is the quote:

“Not all forms of hypnotherapy are dangerous …,” Noonan continues. “What makes it risky is that a person under hypnosis has surrendered his will and is utterly open to suggestion. So you must know the background and belief system and training of anyone who provides you with hypnosis therapies.”

You know the part I am railing against - the surrender of will. But I will say I do agree on some level with her last statement. I think that is part of gaining rapport.

Just thought I would share what the Catholics (and people like me) are reading...

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