Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Mind and Social Ecommerce

In looking up mind control and hypnosis references, I came across an interesting site. It is actually a sales site called, virtual shopping. But before I digress on that topic, the interesting item that came up on that site was a video interview with hypnotist Steve Jones. I am not sure where the news show was located, but they did a good job showing hypnosis in a positive way. They asked him about hypnosis myths and he dutifully replied about the mind control myth and how a person undergoing hypnosis is not a zombie, controlled by the hypnotist. Bravo!

Ultimately this video is selling his latest book Basic Hypnotherapy for Professionals. What a fabulous idea, though. He is one of many businesses on the site, but what a great idea. Rather than just having another price comparison site (which I am always a sucker for), it actually makes the shopping experience a little more personal. There are blogs (my other weakness), reviews, and videos, whatever the business selling the product wants to put up. Yes, it is blatant marketing, but at least it is not all just a refined blurb about products. It gives the company opportunities to not only sell, but also to educate consumers (i.e. Steve Jones) and gives costumers more information and an interactive environment with multimedia (if they chose). There are product chats, WebTV, again – blogs, and an opportunity to relate experiences. Not bad for a shopping site.

Click here to join the fun!

Here is their recent Press Release:

(September 26, 2007) Savannah, GA – is the one-stop virtual social community for everyone! The website is brand new and already has thousands of merchants featuring over 2 million products, services, and real estate listings! is the only shopping site to provide services, such as medical, health and wellness, and financial services. Check out the Auction Site for deeply discounted products! While shopping is’s main focus, there is so much more! There is also live WebTV, video and text blogging, and live chat features. has made online shopping a social activity. What a fun and exciting way to shop!

Every day millions of consumers fulfill their shopping needs at They can search for items by price, store and brand and can then sort the results by price, rating or title. So many choices! By scrolling over the pictures of each product, a pop-up box appears where users can read a description about the product. This box is visible on the current page! So no back clicking and searching for the previous page! Consumers can also compare reviews and ratings of products, services, and retailers. All of these features can be seen in one setting as customers browse for their favorite products! There is also the ability to chat directly with merchants.

At, consumers can interact with friends while they shop! Users can post video or text blogs and critique their friends’ videos. This can all be done for free! So use video blogs to share every great (or not so great!) moment caught on tape. Use the text blogs and reviews to share all thoughts and opinions that cross your mind!

Merchants will experience record amounts of visitors to their sites by signing up with The website is one of the few comparison shopping engines to offer performance-based advertising with Pay per Click and Pay per Action. This means that merchants only pay for shoppers who are directed to their site or make a purchase from their site. So the client is only paying for advertising that actually produces results! And isn’t results what everyone wants? The Advertising Section gives merchants a place to prominently display products with pictures or flash media at a reasonable cost. This section is the first thing that the consumer sees each time they log onto the site!

Retailers can also become a Sponsored Link merchant and have a link to their website on’s main page. This is a steal; the cost is only one dollar per day for 30 days! What a perfect opportunity for merchants to encourage consumers to visit their site! With’s Auction Site, clients can resell returned or opened goods, create a profile, and chat with other users. The video blogs are a great way to talk about a product or demonstrate how a product works. The live WebTV option provides merchants the opportunity to interact with the consumers. These features provide merchants the chance to give their consumers the best in customer service! has designed a place for shoppers to socialize with friends. Come experience the next generation of online comparison shopping! With these fun and interactive features, has something for everyone. Log on today and experience the virtual shopping community at its finest!

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