Monday, October 8, 2007

Out and In

Today I had an opportunity to have coffee with a hypnotist friend of mine who is finally making the big switch. That is right, she is moving her part-time practice out of her garage and into a spa. Pretty nice for her and much easier than running a business in a solo way.

She says her husband is elated because he will get the garage back. So, I started thinking about how many of us have at one time or another sacrificed the garage to our various professions or spouses' professions. And I have to wonder, how many of us presently actually use the garage for the automobile members of our families.

I guess mine is still not really relegated to the car. And though I do not see clients there, it still is somewhat of a consciousness room. I do yoga there. I meditate there. And it is my make shift recording studio. No cats or humans, just drips and drabs of equipment, a comfy chair, and me. Oh, and a coffee maker.

It seems like garages are one of the most flexible spaces one can have. I can see why my friend's husband is happy to have the space back. She is also buying him a celebratory red work bench and cabinets. Wonder if she will use That should look nice with the parquet floors from the office. Not sure it is what he has in mind, but it sounds lovely to my female aesthetic.

So, the question is, how many of you use your garage for your businesses?

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