Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Silva Mind Control

It is finally cooling down here. The tea in my cup feels wonderful as it goes down, warming everything on its journey. But it is the sort of morning where one could easily sleep it all away.

Mind control. Hypnosis. Am I propagating that they are one in the same? No. They certainly are not. So, for anyone reading this blog who may be new to the idea of clinical hypnosis, hypnosis has nothing to do with mind control...and yet (Dr. Knight are you rolling your eyes?) it does.

Hang on before getting all upset, you hypnotist out there. First let me start by saying a few years ago I heard about a program called Silva Mind Control (now the Silva Method). It has been out there for awhile, but I had never paid much attention to it, avoiding the whole idea of mind control. I got into hypnotism not as a need to control others, but to help them help themselves. So I figured this program was to be avoided.

Duh. I finally became a little brighter and met some hypnotists who were trained in the Silva Method. Mind Control. I was totally off base with this program. It is not about controlling other people's minds, but having control over one's own. Brilliant!

Here's what the Silva Method is all about:

The goal of the Silva Method is to teach you how to use more of your brain and activate the untapped areas of your mind.

This system seems to utilize self-hypnosis, meditation, visualization, relaxation and on and on. So, I think it is interesting to put the idea of self mind control out there. So many people feel they have no control over anything, even their thoughts and feelings. Just think how empowering this would be. And isn't that what we do?

If anyone had anything to add about this method, please do add it. I have only cursory experience.

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