Saturday, October 27, 2007


It is a typical fall Saturday afternoon. I have been swamped with holiday catalogs and a partner who is into remodeling (yikes). I have never put much stock in the aesthetics of my office bathroom, instead focusing on creating a unique and comfortable environment for my session rooms. But I think maybe, the bathroom really is important, not just the cleanliness factor but how it makes one feel.

I am reminded of a recent expedition to a doctor's office (I blogged about her acceptance of hypnosis a few weeks ago). She had just moved her office into a new building. It was well done, upscale doctor decor, but the bathroom - the bathroom was phenomenal. It was fabulously designed with an arty looking sink and faucet. It is actually nicer than my home bathroom.

So, I am also thinking faucet design now. I am totally drawn to the cleanliness of the Hansgrohe Stratos. It is completely simple, not daunting. It comes in a few finishes (brass underneath), but I am thinking along the lines of brushed Nickel for less finger prints. It seems quite affordable for the modern look. I found this one at Seems very straight forward, and I suspect my partner could even install it (since he is the one who got me into this mode).

If you cannot tell, I really hate sterile environments, but do crave professionalism. This is sometimes paradoxical.

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