Friday, October 19, 2007

Muddling Through Software

Perhaps you have noticed when I am not blogging about hypnosis, I am blogging about the business side of it (oh now, don't be sarcastic. LOL). I think this is often a side that is not thought about and it so should be. If you decide to become a hypnotist professionally or plan to grow your business, it is inescapable. And for every workshop, class, certified training you experience to be a better hypnotist, I almost think you should spend an equal amount of time learning how to run a business.

Training. A valuable word. The more you know, the better you can be...maybe. Unlike hypnosis, though, business systems and software are constantly changing. It seems the more you become aware of what is out there (and the faster it is upgraded), it can all just become a complete muddle. You can spend hours, valuable hours when you could be reading a new NLP book, learning various software instead. According to Contemporary (the Business Intelligence People) rather than wasting time inanely choosing software (say based on price or convenience - as in Staples has it available), it is truly good to understand your business needs first. Their research indicates that by receiving proper Business Intelligence Training, you will get more return from your decisions. That makes sense. They offer classes in the UK, but also offer a eLearning that can be done anywhere.

Are you wondering why you might need such training? Well, some knowledge of databases might be helpful in retaining client information and contact information. Then there are documents such as a Client Bill of Rights, Privacy Statements, Contracts, newsletters, etc. Okay and there is always scheduling and confirming appointments. If you have good software applications and the knowledge of how they work, this can be a real time saver. Basically they can help you decipher the muddle of information and learn what you really need to make your business enterprise smoother and less time consuming.

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