Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Advent of Argus

Since I just did a shameless plug for my little hypnosis video for PostieCon.com, it seems like I should tell you about one of the interesting new technologies that is being unveiled at this conference. It is called Argus (and no Anon, it is not a new camera). It is hailed as the new “disrupter” of the blogging world (I like that – disrupter) and is the brainchild of the payperpost geniuses (well, that might be a strong word as it is not out yet).

I have been trying to comprehend exactly what it is and what I believe it to be is a new interface for payperpost.com. It has greater analytics (site statistics, rankings, and all those technical terms that sound good but I am still learning their meaning) and how bloggers and advertisers interact will be totally different. Okay, this is a little scary, but being in the business of change, change is good. Refreshing even.

Though I think they have a fine interface currently, I suspect Argus may help bring back some integrity to “paid for blogging.” As a blog reader, you read what interest you and if a blog goes on too many tangents or unrelated sales pitches and reviews, that is blog contamination hence you loose interest. And as a paid blogger this is so easy to go down that road (which I am quelling the urge currently and is why this post is not about truck detailing by the way). Argus may help target more opportunities to truly relevant blogs. It may also help the advertisers narrow their requirements to help with this.

But frankly, I hope it stills pays me enough to keep me in gourmet teas and coffees so I can blog with you in comfort.

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