Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To Email or Mail

About a month ago, I posted about a Halloween party I was thinking of hosting for my clients. I have progressed with that and sent out snail mail invites (you know, the real invites that are tangible). I believe this is really personally and that is not a bad thing to embrace as a small business owner.

There have been a few people who mentioned that it would have been just as good to send out the invites as an email invite. I could have used an email marketing program that could handle it all, like Email Express Direct. This would have meant handling the party as a marketing campaign, which ultimately I guess it is. Rather than hand addressing the envelopes (which the intern did), I could have uploaded them into the program, created a graphically enticing message (rather than the glossy paper I used), and I could have tracked the response, as in who opened the email, who responded, and more.

I see the corporate look with the email, but I see the personal touch with the invite. Which would you have preferred to receive? Would one influence you decision to attend?

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kathryn said...

Email invites are definitely easier and cheaper. But I've found people are much more likely to take snail mail, printed invites seriously.

Emailed invites seem to be regarded more casually. You're less likely to get RSVPs (if you're looking for them) and I think you'll get fewer attendees if you email.

It costs more to post, but I absolutely think it's worth it.