Friday, October 5, 2007

A Not So Paranoid Plan

I have been looking at my file notes on the client I mentioned yesterday who has paranoia issues. One of the other topics that he mentions often is one that affects us all and that is the idea of what happens to us when we get to a point where we may not be able to take care of ourselves. Who will take care of us? What will become of us? How will we survive?

And I think he may be right to worry. Perhaps worry is not the right idea, though. Maybe the worry should be turned into something productive like long-term planning for the future. There are so many horror stories about state run nursing homes, or perhaps just the idea of not staying in your own home is daunting enough that having a plan about some sort of custodial-care seems like it could ease the mind.

Currently there is “The Own Your Future” Long-Term Care Awareness Campaign that is providing information about options and planning for the potential that you will need extra help just going about the daily routine (someone to make me coffee or tea each morning...there is a positive slant). It is a joint effort between Federal and state governments. Information is also available from companies such as
National Health Administrators through their web site (long term care). There is a lot of information on the site that goes through the basics of what long-term care actually means and how to plan for a time when independent living may be a challenge, although there maybe be ways to remain independent. It also gives a notion about what health and disability insurance provide (or do notprovide in many cases), as well as information about Medicare and Medicaid.

It really is hard to think of a time when life will be so changed that this will even be an issue. I may be at the opposite end than where my client is at, but I suspect after creating a game plan, he will sleep better and I will be cared for in later life. Not a bad thing.

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