Monday, October 29, 2007

More Plastic Thoughts

Yesterday I talked about cheating and if surgery was cheating anymore than hypnosis is cheating, and I came up with an emphatic "no." And once I came to that conclusion, it occurs to me that there is a whole lot hypnosis can do for those considering plastic surgery.

It could be used for self-esteem and positive image boosting, eating habits that will be effected, quicker healing, and maintaining a healthy life-style conducive to the appearance change.

So, I decided to spend a little time learning about plastic surgery today. Gemma Soames wrote a fabulous article that really captures the essence of what it is like to get plastic surgery consultations. It was on the Times Online and called Does this girl need lipo? She tells her experiences with Plastic Surgery UK (Being the Euro-phile, I tend to like the UK aesthetics and find it a little more realistic then the look-at-me-I-am-a-size-4 that infiltrate the American culture).

To sum it up, if you or your client are considering plastic surgery, you should really have an idea about what you want done before you go in for the consultation. If you do not, you may run the risk of being talked into other things and may find your self-esteem dropping even more. You will also want to see a few surgeons to get their opinion. It is not a matter of finding someone to do a procedure, there are tons of them around, but more apt, what you feel you really need done. There are so many procedures such as breast enhancement, breast enlargement, breast reduction, liposuction, body sculpting, and facial surgery. Also, make sure your surgeons are certified (if you read any of my blog, you know I am a huge fan of certification).

This was such an eye opener. I guess at times I live in a vacuum of sending clients home feeling better than when they walked in. This other side seems like the dark side if you are not careful.

Mya, who I linked to here, was sited in Gemma's article. They seemed very down to earth and actually encouraged her to try other routes to tighten up her stomach. They also suggested she look at her self-image and expectations (ding, ding, ding, great buzz word). They are located in the UK, but would it not be fun to go over there for a procedure (if you decide on it) and recuperate there.

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