Saturday, October 20, 2007

Esoteric Subliminals

So which camp do you follow - subliminals work or subliminals do not work? Perhaps you have read the information that audible subliminals are a fallacy? Perhaps you believe visual one's work?

There are many who believe subliminals a wonderful tool for creating change.

Therefore it seems most appropriate to feature a subliminal computer program in an esoteric Saturday posting. This becomes a little more difficult because I am a Mac person, so it seems essential to feature one that would work for regular PCs and Macs. I persevered, though.

The software is called Subliminal Message from Custom Solutions of Maryland and it is a free program. I downloaded it before writing this just to get a feel for it. On the Mac, it runs in the background...even as I type this, every now and them I perceived a bit of a flash. I see the flash because it has a user interface that allows one to set the darkness level and the speed of which it flashes. So I have it where I can see it at the moment. The interesting thing is that it lets you set your own suggestions as text or images.

To learn more about this or to download it, visit Please keep in mind that this is freeware, which means that the creator is giving it away just for the sake of it. To encourage these kind souls continue their work, please consider making a donation to the software creator.

If anyone tries this on a PC operating system and would like to comment on how it works with that, it would be appreciated, as would any comments!

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